4 Moves Proving Dance Cardio Isn’t Just for Your Girlfriend

Dance cardio may have a rep for being all female, but there’s a reason former professional ice hockey player Sean Avery is a regular at Tracy Anderson… and it’s not just the view. Dance cardio targets the smaller muscle groups often overlooked in traditional workouts and athletic pursuits while adding in a calorie torching cardio element. There’s also an emphasis on length and reaching long into moves, which helps work on flexibility. Not to mention that muscle confusion is the key to getting into better shape and there’s no better way to do that than by diving into something new. With in mind we asked co-founder and creator of the innovative cult fitness class DanceBody, Katia Pryce, to show us four dance cardio-inspired moves she thinks are particularly effective for men.

To start off, do these four moves as a circuit for one minute each for a total of three rounds. Then go sign up for one of Pryce’s 90-minute workout classes as this is one of those disciplines that is best practiced in a pack.

Kick, step, down


Source: Katia Pryce

“This move is great to ramp up your heart rate, while keeping on the beat of the music,” says Pryce. “It’s great for men because it not only utilizes your abs and legs, but it tests your flexibility simultaneously.

Directions: Kick one leg up in front of you, step that leg down, drop the opposite leg down behind you touching your hand to the floor.

Hip circles


Source: Katia Pryce

“If you ask me there’s nothing better than a man that knows how to move his hips! Most men are tight in their hips, so this can definitely help to loosen up while also looking damn sexy,” Pryce says.

Directions: Keeping your upper body completely still, feet at hip width, nice bend to the knees, rotate your hips in a square, front, R side, back, L side then smooth the movement into a circle: front, right, back, left, repeat.

Lean back


Source: Katia Pryce

“Obliques are always in high demand, but getting that perfectly chiseled upper body is tough to target,” says Pryce. “Try this move to whittle your waist while matrix-ing it out!”

Directions: Positioned with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, knees bent, using your obliques, lean your upper body back, reaching one arm down, one arm up – smooth switch side to side with your hand reaching.

Step side


Source: Katia Pryce

“For a man to have rhythm is a VERY sexy thing!” exclaims Pryce. “This is an easy move that will not only keep you light on your feet when you train, keeping your heart rate up, and target your thighs, but it will also benefit you on any dance floor…”

Directions: Step one leg wide to your side while bending both knees and reaching your opposite arm down, repeat other side.

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