4 of the Best Foods to Order on a Date

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Dating is hard enough as is, so why take your potential love interest somewhere where the food is messy or you’re forced to eat with your hands? Don’t risk leaving your date with a bad impression. And remember, it’s not only where you take your date, but it’s your food choice that can really leave a lasting impression. Here are four of the best foods to order while on a date.

1. Sushi

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If you know how to use chopsticks then why not impress your date with your skills? Extra points if you really know what you’re ordering. With sushi, there’s minimal mess and splash, plus it’s pretty damn delicious. If you’re not a sushi connoisseur, then order something you’re familiar with and you should be good to go. Plus, there’s a certain amount of sophistication, grace, and confidence you exude when you take your prospective love interest on a sushi date. With your chopstick skills, you’ll also be able to flirt a little more by using the “you’ve got to try this” line and placing that roll by your date’s tongue.

2. Oysters


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A word of caution here: Only order them if you’ve had them before because during your date is not the best place to find out that you’re allergic to shellfish. That will end badly. Oysters and seafood are recognized as aphrodisiacs (although controversial and widely disproved, (but hey, you’ve got to believe in something, right?). They’re also high in zinc, which can boost semen production and regulate your sexual hormones. Don’t forget to use your oyster fork as well to minimize the chance of a mess.

3. Chicken

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Instead of springing for that hefty steak, spring for poultry instead. Chicken is definitely one of the safest bets for dinner for three big reasons: It’s easy to eat, it’s lean so you know it’s healthy for you, and it isn’t smelly — something that can definitely turn your date right off. On the flip side, you run the risk of coming off as boring, so be sure to order the chef’s special or an intricate chicken dish off the menu that promises a nice amount of flavor.

4. Chocolate

Chocolate Bar

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You didn’t think we’d leave out dessert, did you? Another sensuous food to add to your list of aphrodisiacs is chocolate. It contains the chemicals anandamide and phenylethylamine, which boost serotonin levels, otherwise referred to as the feel-good hormone, and when you’re on a date, you need all the feel-good anything you can get. Besides that, chocolate is delicious: It melts on the tongue and has an erotic quality to it. Want to up the sensual factor even more? Go for strawberries dipped in chocolate for the ultimate romantic experience.

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