4 Self-Defense Moves You Need to Know

You can’t watch the news these days without seeing a string of violence. It’s easy to feel threatened, which is why there’s no better time than the present to learn how to fight back. For those that haven’t made it to a self-defense class yet we turned to the experts at Willspace, a New York City personal training studio best known for training models, moguls, and celebrities like Andy Cohen, Mark Consuelos, and Riccardo Tisci, and asked them to highlight four self-defense moves every man should have in his back pocket.

Two-handed choke


Source: Alex Alford

If you have your back against a wall, and someone goes for your neck, the first thing you need to do is grab their wrists and pull down toward your chest because that takes some of the pressure off your neck. Next you want to use the wall as a friend, raise one hand STRAIGHT up, not forward, over the ear. Turn your shoulders toward the opposite side from the hand that is up. That releases the grip off the neck. Once the grip is released, they are going to be falling forward into you. The hand that was raised now comes across elbowing the attacker in the face.



Source: Alex Alford

In any type of confrontation someone usually will open with an overhand punch with their dominant side, most commonly their right hand. What you want to do is block the punch and turn with it a little bit this allows you to load up for your power punch straight down the middle, and that should be with your dominant side. A straight punch is always better than a round punch.

Rip and punch


Source: Alex Alford

When someone grabs your wrist, especially in a hostile situation you want to remember that the thumb is the weakest point of the hand. You want to rip and turn your arm toward the thumb. This allows you to turn and load up for your power punch, your straight punch with your right hand.

Double-arm bar


Source: Alex Alford

Ninety percent of confrontations end up on the ground, so it’s very important that you learn how to defend yourself on the ground. What you want to do is put your feet and legs between you and the person you are defending yourself from. If you’re able to wrap your legs around them, that’s ideal as this allows you to control their hips, which is their center of gravity. If they’re on top of you with both hands around your neck, it’s like when you are on the wall; use the ground as your friend and address the problem: the hands around your neck. First you need to grab the wrists and keep them tight against your chest. Next, you need to cover their shoulders with your legs. Try to crisscross your feet around the back of their head, but make sure both shoulders are covered; this isolates the arms from moving. Keep a hold of the wrists tightly against your chest and extend your hips toward the sky while pinching your knees together as this will hyper extend both of their elbow joints which may cause them to break.

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