4 Things Happy Couples Do Before Bed

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The following is a guest post from Justin Lavelle, chief communications director for PeopleLooker.

Bedtime is a great opportunity to reconnect with your partner and strengthen your relationship. Here are a few things happy couples do before bed time. Happy couples:

1. Have electronic-free conversations

Trying to talk to someone who is too busy to look away from his or her smartphone can be disheartening. Furthermore, this can lead to a weakening relationship. That is why many couples in successful long-term relationships shut off electronics right before bed and discuss light topics, like positive moments during their day and goals for the future.

2. Make time for physical contact

One way to show a significant other love and affection is through action. This can be as simple as stroking fingers through each other’s hair to massaging sore muscles after a grueling work day. Whatever action couples decide upon, they should make an effort to do so for five or more minutes with no distractions.

3. Aim to go to bed at the same time at least once a week

This can be hard because not every couple has the same work schedule. Nonetheless, couples who go to bed together wake up in better moods.

4. Never go to bed angry

As cliché as this advice is, studies show that going to bed without resolving issues leaves couples feeling distant and unsatisfied. Taking extra time to work out negative feelings toward each other fosters not only strong communication skills but also a secure relationship.

Bonus tips

There are several things you can do to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

  • Send love notes. Take a moment sometime during the day to send your partner a loving text message. This can be especially welcome if your significant other has an important presentation to give that afternoon. If your significant other can’t live without coffee in the morning, take a few minutes out of your morning to make a fresh pot before work.
  • Volunteer to do chores. Another small gesture that will be appreciated more than anything is coming home to a clean kitchen! When both partners work, it’s so nice to come home to this surprise! Or maybe just offer to take the dogs out when it’s not your scheduled shift!
  • Remember the small things your partner likes. Get your partner’s favorite wine or beer and pour a glass when they get home. You could also schedule a massage, facial, or pedicure for your partner over their lunch hour for a little pamper time in the middle of their day.
  • Switch roles. Take care of the items that are usually on your honey’s to-do list to let him or her know how much you appreciate everything they do.
  • Take an interest. Ask about your partner’s work, friendships, hobbies, and activities on a daily basis. Stay engaged in the areas of his or her life that might not directly involve you.

Justin Lavelle is chief communications director at PeopleLooker, where he writes about relationships and online dating for the company’s blog and top publications. 

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