4 Unique Ways to Unwind After Work

A long work day takes a lot out of a person – mentally, physically, and emotionally. Some days are better than others, and some days worse, but one thing you can usually count on is either being totally exhausted, completely overwhelmed, or stressed out to the max. When you’ve had enough of your usual post-work routine and are ready to switch things up, give these four ways to unwind a try.

1. Jump out your energy

Sky Zone

Sky Zone | Source: SkyzoneUSA via Facebook

We all know jumping rope is good for you, and jumping in general gets your heart rate going. Besides its obvious health benefits, jumping – on a trampoline, in particular – can be a blast. Bring yourself back to the days of childhood shenanigans with a session at a place made for bouncing off the walls, literally. As the world’s first all-walled trampoline parks, Sky Zone has become a popular spot for kids looking to squeeze some fun into their day, and for adults to exert some stress-reducing energy. Activities range from Ultimate Dodgeball – just imagine the possibilities among you and your friends – to SkySlam – live out your Michael Jordan dreams and dunk like a pro. With 134 parks already open, Sky Zone offers endless entertainment and affordable prices, starting at $10 for a 30 minute pass.

2. Bust out a tune

young man posing and singing on a microphone

Man singing | Source: iStock

Ever catch yourself belting out lyrics on your drive home? With all that pent up energy from sitting at a desk all day, you’ve got an inclining to talk, or better yet sing, it out. Music has long accompanied many of our best times in life, so it’s no wonder a musical session lures many folks in. If you’re in New York, Tonya Fleetwood, vice president of DKC public relations, suggests one place in particular: Planet Rose. This venue does not charge to sing, all they ask is that you purchase a beverage of some sort. With an incredible happy hour from 4 to 6 p.m. every day, this place is decked out in zebra print, offering one large private room in the back, while the rest is open mic. Whichever place is calling your name, karaoke might be just the thing to get you feeling right again. “Singing makes a person feel better,” as Fleetwood says. “And as a spectator, when you watch someone singing a song, they are sublimely happy in that moment, and that’s an incredible energy to be around.”

3. Do absolutely nothing

man sitting on a couch, thinking

Man relaxing on a couch | Source: iStock

Simple enough, right? Probably not. When I say “do nothing,” I mean absolutely nothing. In a world where we’re constantly consumed by our busy schedules, have tech devices in hand at all times, and we feel the need to always be on the go and accomplishing some sort of task, taking time to cherish just being by yourself is sacred. Claudia Luiz, New York-based psychoanalyst and author of Where’s My Sanity? Stories That Help, told us that unscheduled time is the best way to unwind after work.

“Challenge yourself to two complete hours of unscheduled time during which you forbid yourself to do any of your go-to time wasters (play with your iPhone, watch TV, call the same old friends, get something done),” Luiz said. “Start by just sitting in a chair if that’s all you can think of. Let your mind take you somewhere. Maybe to a memory, maybe on a walk outside your building to a nearby bookstore, or someplace new.” Try charting where you go, both physically and mentally, and see what kind of mind-expanding adventures or new experience might arise.

4. Use your public library

young man standing and reading a book in the library

Man at a library | Source: iStock

Many public libraries often have adult classes for free, or close to free, throughout the year, and typically all you need is a library card. With everything from guest authors and speakers to special exhibits and showcases, taking full advantage of everything your public library has to offer is a great use of your time. Most libraries offer a calendar of events, so be sure to stay apprised on what’s going on in your neck of the woods, and attend anything that peaks your interest. Your mind will be thankful for a break from your daily work and will appreciate your newfound curiosity in something that sparks an interest in you.

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