5 Family Friendly Activities to Do on New Year’s Eve


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While some choose to ring in the New Year with VIP club treatment and a night of total debauchery, others are after a more wholesome celebration. One of the best parts about New Year’s Eve is reflecting back on all of last year’s experiences — good and bad — and looking ahead to the good fortune and many adventures that await in the year ahead. If you’re lucky enough to have a little one calling you dad, uncle, or grandpa, then cheers to you. Celebrate the New Year in good fashion and surround yourself with the people who think the world of you, and vice versa. Here are 5 family-friendly things to do with your kids on NYE.

Take a cooking class at Taste Buds Kitchen, NY

Take a cooking class at Taste Buds Kitchen — a Kids Kitchen by Day and a BYOB Adults Kitchen by Night. On NYE and New Year’s Day, the whole family can attend a special New Year’s Confetti Cupcake Class, in which participants will work together to whip up a batch of confetti cupcakes from scratch so the whole family can ring in 2016 in culinary style!

Celebrate the arts and culture of Santa Fe during the New Year’s Eve Celebration, NM

Santa Fe

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During Santa Fe’s first annual public New Year’s Eve celebration, the City Different will celebrate its distinctive artistic diversity and heritage on the Santa Fe Historic Plaza. A fun event for all, bonfires will encircle and warm the Plaza, local nonprofits will serve hot chocolate and you and the kids will have your pick at food-truck cuisine. This will be an uplifting and family friendly celebration that is perfect for anyone visiting, or local to the City Different.

See a show: The Commedia Rapunzel: A Holiday Extravaganza Pumpkin Spice Latte Edition, NY


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Showing at the SOHO Playhouse at 11am on New Year’s Eve, The Commedia Rapunzel is a performance that will keep the adults entertained just as much as the kids. This twisted re-telling of the fairytale “Rapunzel” has garnered high praise in the performing arts world, and is a laugh-out-loud, participatory theater experience for all.

The Walleye Drop in Port Clinton, OH

The Walleye Drop has become a beloved family tradition in the small Lake Erie harbor town of Port Clinton, Ohio. Ditch the city and catch a glimpse of a gigantic fish free-falling rather than the NYE Ball. During this truly one-of-a-kind experience, Walleye, the large fish that’s probably the most iconic and trophied fish of Lake Erie, will eventually plummet from the sky, all 20 feet and 600 pounds of it! From Walleye White wine to the kid-friendly midnight party dubbed the “minnow drop,” this is certainly a fish-twisted celebration everyone will enjoy.

Countdown with Netflix, anywhere!

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If you have wee ones at home who won’t quite be able to make it until midnight, make the most of a cozy night in. This New Year’s Eve, Netflix is launching a whole new set of on-demand countdowns tailor-made for the kids. Beginning on December 28, six countdowns will be available, featuring favorite cartoon characters and enough giggles to have them hitting the hay early, leaving you plenty of alone time to welcome the New Year with your significant other during a quiet night in.

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