5 Fitness Fads That Will Never Go Away

Do you remember the Thigh Master, Tae Bo, or Zumba? Didn’t think so. While so many fitness trends have come and gone, many aren’t falling out of fashion any time soon. Here are five fitness concepts that aren’t just fads.

1. Streaming fitness

Home workout - woman exercising in front of TV

Live Streaming Fitness

The popularity streaming fitness programs just continues to increase. Much like the old school VHS and DVDs of years ago, people utilize these programs because they are easy and cost effective.

For just $9.90 per month, Live Streaming Fitness offers a variety of classes from Boot Camp and Kickboxing to Yoga and Pilates, all of which are taught by certified trainers. LSF makes sure their online classes are just as affective as the ones you would take at a studio or your local gym because they allow you to speak to the trainer before and after the class to discuss any modifications or concerns. On-demand classes are also available.

Another option is Crunch Live, which costs just $9.99 per month or $90 per year. With Crunch Live, you can access a library of your favorite Crunch classes on demand.

2. Spinning


Source: www.facebook.com/PelotonCycle

In 1993, Rolling Stone magazine said spinning was the hot exercise to do, and we have not taken our butts off the seat ever since. Both men and women love spinning because it burns tons of calories and is great for all fitness levels. Just add some good tunes and an enthusiastic instructor.

No matter what kind of environment you like, there is a spin studio to meet your needs. Soul Cycle is all about adding affirmations and candles to this intense workout. For those who are all about competition, Flywheel might be more your style because it features a leaderboard and the ability to track your stats. You don’t need to be in competition with other people at Flywheel, just yourself. If you have trouble getting yourself to a spin class or don’t live near a studio, Peloton was designed just for you. All you need to do is to buy a Peloton bike, which is a high quality spin bike featuring a large, Wi-Fi-enabled screen that streams classes from Peloton’s NYC studio. There is also a library of on-demand classes, so you can get in this great workout on your own schedule.

3. Hot workouts

Source: The Sweat Shoppe

Hot workouts are hotter than ever. In addition to helping to aid muscle flexibility, heat increases the amount you sweat and calories you burn. While the hot workout craze started with yoga many years ago, it has expended to Pilates. Now, heat is putting a new spin on spinning. This concept was pioneered at The Sweat Shoppe in Los Angeles, where the studio is heated to a temperature between 80-84 degrees to increase fat burning, detoxification and workout intensity. No matter what hot workout you choose, this trend isn’t cooling off any time soon.

4. Orange Theory

Orange Theory is here to stay. This franchise has over 200 locations with plans to add 350 more by the end of 2016. Each session at Orange Theory is one hour-long workout consisting of three circuits, which are treadmill, rowing and weight training. It is designed to push you into what they call “The Orange Zone,” which is achieved by spending at least 12-20 minutes of each session at 84% of your maximum heart rate. The more time you spend in the Orange or Red Zone, the more calories your body burns even after your workout ends.

5. Low-priced gyms

Source: Blink

Not everyone wants to take classes, soak in a Jacuzzi or schedule a massage. Many people just want access to high quality equipment for an affordable price to develop good gym habits and increase their level of health and fitness. For that reason, companies are spending more and more money to develop low priced gyms. One of the best is Blink, which is owned by Equinox, so although the price is low (starting at just $15 per month), the quality is high. Blink Fitness locations are designed to be open and spacious. They are decorated in mood-boosting colors. Cleanliness is also hugely emphasized at Blink, with cleaning staff who take their jobs seriously because we all know bacteria does not breed good workout habits. They currently have over 50 locations, but plan to have more than 500 nationally by 2020.

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