5 Foods that Help Prevent Men’s Health Issues


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Everyone has to eat, but how much does the way you eat matter? Most of us eat for the taste of spaghetti or the texture of yogurt. Others eat socially or to get rid of annoying hunger pains. When we have a cold or a migraine we take medicine to build up our immune systems or numb the pain. In our society, food and medicine each have their separate role, but what about the idea of using food as medicine?

Traditional pharmaceutical medicine can cure or numb ailments, but the drug also impacts the rest of the body. The side effects that come hand in hand with any drug can be serious but are only included in small print or skimmed over by your doctor. Good food, on the other hand, has no major negative side effects. According to Marcelle Pick of Women to Women, eating nutrient-dense food provides your cells and DNA with the needed vitamins and minerals to carry out daily functions while also preventing disease.

1. Oysters

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Prostate cancer is currently the second cause of death in men. According to Life Extension Magazine, zinc plays an active role in maintaining prostate health. Studies have revealed that the presence of zinc in the body helps suppress tumor growth, especially in the prostate. Oysters naturally contain the highest level of zinc. Don’t love the texture or taste? Load up on beef and lamb or stick to spinach, cashews, and pumpkin seeds for your daily intake of this prostate saving mineral.

2. Chocolate Milk

If you hit the gym regularly, you’ll need a go-to recovery drink. Most experts agree that chocolate milk may be the best way to replenish your body after exercising. Skip the expensive protein shakes and bars, the protein found in chocolate milk helps your muscles recover while the calories help replace those burned at the gym.

3. Salmon

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A 3-ounce serving of wild-caught salmon contains 112% of your daily vitamin D, a vitamin that when deficient, may contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED). According to MensHealth.com and EmpowerHer.com, nearly half of men are deficient in vitamin D and those with severe cases of ED had vitamin D levels that were about 24% lower than those with mild forms of ED. Other foods high in vitamin D include cheese, egg yolks, and foods fortified with vitamin D like dairy, orange juice, and some cereals.

4. Walnuts

If you lean toward depression, you may be short on omega-3 fatty acids. A ¼ cup of walnuts provides 2.7 grams of omega-3 plus plenty of antioxidants and phytochemicals which help maintain brain health by warding off depressing and maintaining cognitive function. These power-packed nuts also counter inflammation and oxidative stress that occur as we age.

5. Fruits and veggies

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You already know that you should be eating plenty of these, but men need more of these fiber-rich foods to maintain hearth health, fight fatigue, and keep you feeling good. Try to fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables to ensure you get the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommended serving of 2 cups of fruit and around 3 cups of veggies each day.

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