5 Fun Workouts You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Are you fed up with CrossFit? Spun out on Spinning? While we know you love the results, the working out part of getting fit can sometimes become a little monotonous. So why not mix it up and have some fun in the process? Changing up your workout also creates new challenges for your body and works different muscles, which ultimately gets you into better shape.

Here are five super fun workouts you probably haven’t tried yet. While some of these are new versions of old school exercises you might already be into, it’s guaranteed there’s something here you weren’t aware of. Are you up for this brand new challenge?

1. Aerial Yoga

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Sometimes called AntiGravity Yoga, Aerial Yoga makes the Downdog less of a downer and way more uplifting. This practice combines traditional yoga poses and aerial arts. You know, like what they do in Cirque Du Soleil. Using a fabric hammock anchored to the ceiling (nope, you can’t try this at home), your body is supported in ways and positions you can’t even imagine. Plus, you get to go upside down and swing around like a kid again. And while we won’t judge you if you are, you don’t need to be afraid of heights or falling because the support of the hammock makes it very unlikely that will happen. Plus, you’re only about 3 feet above the mat. Even after just one class, you’ll want to namaste and continue your practice.

2. Jump Board Pilates

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Jump Board Pilates combines traditional Pilates, cardio, and as the name implies, jumping. Practiced on a modified Pilates reformer, a Jump Board is placed on the foot bar and tension is adjusted though the springs. A typical jump feels like walking on the moon because the springs defy gravity, bringing you up fast and down slowly. The instructor takes you through a routine that includes classic Pilates movements like leg lifts and exercises you are already used to doing vertically, like jumping jacks. Your legs and core do all the work, burning off your lunch and leaving you with more defined abs, but without impacting your joints.

3. Surfset

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Ever want to hang ten indoors? Well, now it’s possible to get all the benefits of surfing without having to actually surf. That’s because Surfset fitness has found a way to take the ocean out of the equation. The name of the company might sound familiar to you because it was a popular pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank. When billionaire Mark Cuban took a bite, Surfset really started to ride the waves.

Performed on a surfboard attached to a base that provides about as much stability a rip tide, it challenges your core, arms, and legs. While there are studios that offer this Surfset nationwide, you can also buy a board and do it in the privacy of your living room.

4. Broga

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Broga is what it sounds like, a yoga class specially designed to improve the bodies as well as the minds of men. Designed by Robert Sidoti, a yoga instructor in Massachusetts who noticed that the men in his classes had difficulty touching their toes, he wanted to find a way to make this ancient practice more appealing to dudes. Broga is way more hardcore than the yoga you might be used to and is designed to tighten the core and strengthen the muscles. Try it and you won’t end class with “OM” so much as an “Ohhhh! That was intense.”

5. Kangoo

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You probably did not read that correctly, it’s Kangoo and not Kangaroo, but Kangoo Jumps definitely make you feel marsupial. If you aren’t thrilled with a pouch you might have around your waist, Kangoo can help get rid of that. Kangoo Jumps, aka the shoes you wear, look like rollerblades with the wheels cut off and replaced with horizontal springs that will help you jump your way to a better body. While this exercise looks intimidating, once you get the shoes on, it’s actually as easy as it is fun. Kangoo provides cardiovascular benefits and works your core, but doesn’t impact your ankles or knees. There are classes available nationwide, but you can also just slip a pair on and go about your usual jog or run in an entirely new way.

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