5 Health Benefits of Trampoline Jumping

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

Have you ever gone through week after week of grinding workouts and found yourself thinking, ‘There’s got to be a better way?’ Humans are meant for routine physical activity, but we’re also meant for fun. If you’re looking for an intense workout and a great way to have fun with family and friends, visit a trampoline park. Here are five reasons why:

1. Full body workout

Full body workouts are now among the trendiest exercises because science is revealing how neuromuscular movements stimulate muscle growth. Every single muscle in the body is engaged during explosive jumping. Whereas normally you would perform a limited amount of squat jumps, the mechanics of a trampoline allow you to explode indefinitely without severe impact on the joints. Throwing yourself into the air requires a precisely timed explosion from the feet to the tips of your fingers, which engages your calves, quads, glutes, core, pecs, shoulders, and even your biceps.

2. Social exercise

One of the greatest factors for health is social connection; those with lots of it flourish while those who don’t tend to flounder. Exercise is obviously important, but far too often we are forced to spend time with friends, or at the gym. Why not have a blast with your children or friends at a trampoline park while getting your exercise on?

Trampoline parks are known for off the wall arrangements (literally) that appeal to adults and kids alike, and they are completely safety-proof, unlike ye average backyard trampoline. Most parks have several attendants roaming the facility, so you don’t have to worry every time you separate from your kiddos. Trampoline parks are also equipped with foam pits where you can practice your 720 degree rotation double backflips in complete safety. If a trampoline park visit is on your calendar, your kids will be giddy the week before the trip, and you’ll feel like a kid again yourself.

If you gather up some adult friends, you can start a crazy fun tradition. Plenty of parks have basketball goals for soaring fadeaway jumpers, but the most exciting prospect is trampoline dodgeball. Every guy needs dodgeball to live well, but mix in that mayhem with row after row of trampolines and you have an otherworldly outlet for competitive energy.

Some parks are even equipped like a Ninja Warrior contest, with every conceivable type of obstacle for you to conquer while enjoying the best time of your week. Trampoline centers like Gravity Park are for the man who needs hardcore fun.

3. Lymph drain

The lymph system is what circulates toxins and debris from your tissues to your excretory system. Lymph vessels are parallel to blood vessels, but they lack a central pump, like your heart. Because lymph needs to circulate for waste removal, a person has to exercise and use gravity to pump the clear/white liquid through the body. What better way to pump lymph than to multiply the force of gravity on a trampoline and exert yourself with total body movements?

4. Improved balance

Trampoline exercise impacts little-used muscle groups and connective tissue in the feet and ankles. Throughout most of human history, these tissues have been kept in shape through walking 3-9 miles per day, as our ancestors have been discovered to have done. Having strong feet, ankles and joints is what keeps a person balanced and agile, but today’s mostly sedentary lifestyle confers no such benefits. We’re breaking our hips in the kitchen as young as fifty because we’ve lost the strength that promotes balance.

Two studies of a duration over three months have pointed to dramatic improvements of balance through rebounding exercises; one in the elderly, and one for the youth. Given the low impact nature of rebounding, monthly trampoline park visits can be a fun activity you can do into your golden years. Imagine yourself in 30 years showing all the whipper-snappers how a triple front flip is done, and then making a smoothie afterwards without breaking your femur. Get your trampoline park pass now before it’s too late!

5. Cardiovascular fitness

Who would have thought that continuous explosive jumping would benefit the heart? People don’t normally associate trampoline workouts with cardio because exertion is perceived less when you’re having fun. Ever noticed how you can sprint while playing basketball or frisbee without noticing it? But when it comes time to running on the treadmill, even modest effort can seem like torture.

Boredom is one of the most severe forms of torture, so take it easy on yourself and substitute one of your cardio days with a trampoline park visit. Full-out jumping for even three minutes will have you gasping for breath in the most delightful way. All the better to take a break and see your kids enjoying the hell out of themselves.

Trampoline parks are an odd-ball way to improve your quality of life. Visit one this weekend with your family or your friends and start a ritual that will boost your fun-meter and fitness. Check out this page for a list of some of the best parks around the world.

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