5 Healthy Alternatives to Use Instead of Butter

Butter, margarine

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Spreading some butter on a fresh roll or your morning toast can be delicious but sometimes not the healthiest of options. Even though Julia Child once said, “If you’re afraid of butter, use cream,” we wouldn’t recommend this for your everyday needs (perhaps she should be afforded some artistic license to swap one unhealthy product for another). If you’re looking to trim the fat, try these alternatives to your classic stick of butter.

1. Honey MELT Organic

Honey MELT Organic

Source: MELT Organic

Featuring quality ingredients and a satisfying taste, MELT Organic produces better-for-you-than-butter spreads, including the sweet favorite, Honey MELT Organic. Smoothly blended with flaxseed, this spread is made of fruit- and plant-based oils, featuring virgin coconut oil, hi-oleic sunflower, palm fruit, and canola oils. And to achieve this flavorful goodness, the signature blend of MELT is combined with organic wildflower honey and cinnamon for a naturally sweet taste. Clocking in at half the saturated fat of butter and just 1 gram of sugar per serving, Honey MELT is a great sweet alternative.

2. Trader Joe’s Raw Almond Butter

Almond Butter

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Dedicated to delivering a variety of food at great prices, Trader Joe’s isn’t just your typical grocery store chain – they package quality products at affordable prices, so everyone can taste what they’ve got to offer. Known for having a healthy and unique approach to some classic favorites, Trader Joe’s has done it again with its raw almond butters, featuring plain almonds ground to perfection, with absolutely nothing extra added to them. The super simple process is just that – simple. No cooking, roasting, drying, salting, or oiling of any kind for this yummy spreadable nut topping.

3. Smart Balance Light with Flaxseed Oil

Smart Balance Light

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If you think nothing is better than butter, you’d be surprised by Smart Balance’s line of buttery spreads. Made up of expeller-pressed, non-GMO oils that improve the ratio of good HDL to bad LDL, Smart Balance Light with Flaxseed Oil supports healthy cholesterol levels, has no hydrogenated oils, and is gluten- and dairy-free. And with zero trans-fats, this spread contains 50% less fat and calories than butter or stick margarine.

4. SunButter


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Peanut butter is delicious, but not always the best option, as it tends to be loaded with hydrogenated oils and trans-fats. Luckily, there is an alternative. SunButter is a sunflower butter that is peanut-free and tree nut-free, which also makes it the perfect alternative for the many people who suffer from the ever-common peanut allergy.

In fact, the original idea of SunButter was to serve as a peanut butter alternative for families dealing with an allergy to peanuts, but since then, it’s become more than a solution for allergies alone. Packed with more nutritional benefits than peanut butter, SunButter delivers a delicious roasted sunflower seed taste with each bite.

5. Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread

Earth Balance

Source: Earth Balance

Ideal for cooking, baking, and just about anything else, the natural benefits of extra-virgin coconut oil are primed for the taking in Earth Balance’s Organic Coconut Spread. A great alternative for anywhere you’d traditionally use butter, this coconut spread is vegan, lactose-free, USDA Certified Organic, casein-free, and soy-free. And it’s pretty delicious, as well.

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