5 Illnesses That Sex Can Cure or Help Prevent

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It’s hard to disagree that getting between the sheets with your partner can do wonders for the mind and body. Plus it can instantly improve your mood and combat anxiety by reducing stress. But not only is sex good for your relationship, it’s also good for your overall health and well being. Here are five things that sex helps cure or prevent.

1. Headaches

The next time you have a migraine or a terrible headache, put down the Advil and reach for your partner instead. According to a study published in the journal Cephalagia, sexual activity during a headache might actually help to relieve your pain. To prove this, researchers from the Department of Neurology at the University of Münster, Germany sent a questionnaire to 1,000 patients who had been experiencing cluster headaches or migraines. The study found that 60% of migraine patients who had sex during an attack reported feeling a sense of improvement in their symptoms. On the other side of the coin, the study reported that 91% of those with cluster headaches reported feeling moderate to complete relief. Think of all the money you’ll save when you don’t have to buy so many bottles of Advil.

2. Colds and the flu

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It’s a shame your doctor never prescribes this antidote for cold and flu season. Interestingly, “Sexually active people take fewer sick days,” Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., a sexual health expert, said to WebMD. A 2009 study conducted by Carl Charnetski and Frank Brennan of Wilkes University in Pennsylvania suggests this is true. The researchers found that college students who had sex one or twice a week had higher levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA), the body’s first line of defense against colds and flu. The study also found those who had one or two sexual encounters per week had a 30% rise in IgA levels.

3. Decreasing your risk of prostate cancer

Going all the way may help ward off prostate cancer. According to WebMD, men who ejaculated frequently (at least 21 times a month) were less likely to get prostate cancer, based on a study that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. You don’t necessarily need a partner to reap similar benefits, as sexual intercourse, nocturnal emission, and masturbation were all a proven part of the equation. To conclude, men who have frequent orgasms, through any of the aforementioned activities, may experience a lower risk to developing prostate cancer (although there are other factors that affect cancer risk).

4. Decreasing your risk of heart disease

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Not only can sex help prevent prostate cancer, studies also show that it can reduce the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease in men. According to a study, men who had sex once a month or not at all were 45% more likely to contract a cardiovascular disease than their friskier counterparts. The study suggested that men with overall better health had higher libidos and, therefore, had more sex, which reinforced their healthier cardiovascular systems.

5. Helping you pass kidney stones

Researchers have found that a method for passing kidney stones, which consist of hard, crystalline mineral material formed within the kidney or urinary tract, involves having an orgasm. Thus, sex can help men to pass kidney stones. According to a study published in the journal Urology conducted by researchers from the Clinic of Ankara Training and Research Hospital in Ankara, Turkey, it was found that having sex at least three to four times a week can help with the “spontaneous passage of kidney stones.” Having sex each day, or semi-regularly at least, will not only keep the doctor away but will also help to maintain your health.

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