5 Insane Fitness Feats Caught on Tape


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If you’re hoping to feel weak and inadequate, we have the perfect video playlist for you.

While you’ve been spending your days toiling away in the gym, setting squatting and deadlift PRs, other men are out there doing things with their bodies that were once unimaginable. Pulling planes with their teeth, putting up more than 1,000 pounds in a single lift — there are strongmen out there who are truly monsters, and that are likely among the strongest human beings of all time.

And some of their feats have been caught on tape — which we want to share with you.

Now, don’t feel too bad that these guys are doing things that you, in all likelihood, will never be able to do. They have trained for a good portion of their lives, and invested everything into achieving the level of strength they currently display. So, use these videos as a sort of motivational tool, rather than something that will crush your spirits.

Read on to see five amazing videos of incredible fitness feats, accomplished by some of the world’s strongest and most fit individuals.

1. 400-Pound Dumbbell Bench Press

Seeing somebody put up 400 pounds on the bench press is a pretty astounding feat in and of itself. But with dumbbells? Who even knew they made 200 pound dumbbells? And if that’s not enough, check out the video above of a guy busting out an entire set on the bench.

That man is Ronnie Coleman, and he was an eight-time Mr. Olympia. So this isn’t some random Joe at the gym that was able to pull this off. He’s a professional bodybuilder, and is still a monster of a man, even at the age of 51. He’s considered by many to be the greatest bodybuilder of all time — so don’t go trying to mimic this 400 pound dumbbell press, or anything else he does.

2. Pinky Pull-Up World Record

Have a tough time doing a set of pull-ups? Or even one pull-up? Then this guy is going to blow your mind.

The video above shows Maibam Itomba Meitei as he sets the world record for the most consecutive pinky pull-ups. That’s right — pull-ups done with his pinkies. He busted out 16 of them during this run last year, at the age of 26. Meitei himself weights 51 kilograms, or around 112 pounds, so it’s not like his two smallest fingers weren’t lifting anything. But think twice before trying this. You don’t want to break your fingers.

3. 900 Pound Squats

Hitting a personal record for the squat is always a big deal. But it’s an especially big deal when that PR involves squatting 900 pounds a full five times, like in the video above.

The man seen is Derek Kendall, and the man is a bit of a beast. The Internet is littered with videos of his lifts, and this 900 pound squat is merely one of them. There are even some of him putting up more than 1,000 pounds. You can follow his Instagram account for a constant stream of videos and pics, if you want to continuously feel inadequate.

4. 1,128 Pound Deadlift

If those 900 pound squats weren’t enough, how about a 1,128 pound deadlift? That’s precisely what you can see above, and Mark Felix, the man who pulled it off, set a world record when he did it.

Replacing bumper plates for Hummer tires, Felix’s lift occurred at the 2013 Arnold Strongman Classic. What’s even more impressive is that Felix had previously lifted 1,122 pounds earlier that day — another world record. But he felt he could do more, and as you can see, he was right.

5. Pulling a Boeing 767

Pulling a plane isn’t an easy feat by any stretch, but there are a handful of men who have been able to do it. There are videos of people pulling planes as big as a military transport C-130, but the heaviest plane pull of all time occurred in 2008 at Boeing Field in Seattle.

By pulling a 205,000 pound Boeing 767, Mark Kirsch set records for the heaviest plane pull in history. While not traditional fitness feat, or even a traditional lift of any kind, it’s hard to deny that Kirsch’s plane pull is impressive.

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