5 Muscle-Building Proteins You’ve Never Heard Of

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Wake up, have a shake; workout, have another, and then do it all over the following day. We all fall into shake monotony, but with an increased demand for different options the market has responded; shake boredom is a choice. Whey, rice, and soy proteins have served us well, but there are so many different kinds of proteins out there that can take the banality out of your favorite post workout meal. If you’re tired of the tipping back the same smoothie every day, here are five proteins you’ve never heard of that will shake up your routine and provide some unexpected benefits.

1. Caprotein

Ever been in love with regular whey protein only to find out you’re intolerant to it? Caprotein is made from goat’s milk, which is partially fermented and predigested to leave you without the stomach cramps or other digestion issues that so many people struggle with. When you add the partial ferment, the probiotics, and the fact that it is totally clean (no growth hormones, pesticides or herbicides), choosing caprotein is a no brainer. The stuff tastes seriously good too.

2. Paleo Pro Powder

The Paleo craze left some workout fanatics struggling with real-food protein solutions, so they ended up making this awesome powder: Paleo Pro. It’s made with quality lean beef, whole eggs, and egg white powder, which ends up being high in digestibility and surprisingly good tasting.

3. Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate

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This one is a mouthful for sure, but the powder itself goes down quick and easy. Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate dissolves in cold water, and it has some potent benefits that reach far beyond muscle building.

This protein powder contains the amino acids glycine and proline, which are conspicuously absent in every other protein and carry unexpected benefits. Glycine is critical in phase II detoxification of the liver, assists the action of insulin, and it helps you to sleep better. Is appears that collagen hydrolysate will do everything for you but tuck you in and tell you it’ll be all right after a long day and hard workout.

Research has shown that plasma levels decline by as much as 20-30% among otherwise healthy individuals on diets absent of proline. Blood plasma levels rise significantly during and after exercise, so proline is a critical element to workout success that you may be missing out on.

Try supplementing with this protein powder after eating meat, and also add it to your favorite shakes for a more balanced amino acid intake. PhD endocrinologist Dr. Ray Peat recommends this protein powder for everything from decreasing estrogen to boosting metabolism.

4. Orgain Organic Plant Protein Powder

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Orgain Organic Protein is certified organic doctor-formulated protein that combines pea protein, chia seed protein, hemp protein, and rice protein into the most delicious chocolate shake you’ll ever taste — no added sugar. This protein has so many different kinds of wholesome plant proteins that the amino acid content is more balanced than most any protein on the market.

Orgain is vegan, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from making it their favorite shake. You can also mix this stuff in pancake batter or energy bars to mix up your protein consumption.

5. Yogurtein by Jarrow Formulas

Yogurtein by Jarrow might be the most interesting protein on the market. As you might guess, this one is highly digestible with naturally occurring probiotics. It has added fiber for digestive health, and it also includes whey and casein protein for quick and long lasting absorption.

The added ingredients in this powder make it more suitable for meal replacements and topping off the tank, so to speak, rather than relying on it solely for post workout muscle replenishment.

Most people recall one of grandpa’s favorite quotes, “There are more than two ways to skin a cat.” But only slightly lesser known was his sage insight into a more relevant issue today: “Getting bored with your shake routine is a choice.”

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