5 of the Best Health Apps for Fitness Junkies

We all want to get into better shape (you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want to) and apps are a great way to support that lifestyle. Here are five that will motivate you and support your regimen. You could go so far and say they will change your life. Between all of these apps, your every fitness need from tracking calories to creating playlists and even being punished for eating cake, can be handled by your smart phone. The only thing they won’t do is exercise for you.

1. Carrot Fit: iPhone

Source: Carrot Fit

Source: Carrot Fit

Who knew vegetables could have a sense of snark? Do you ever wish you had a funny, sarcastic trainer who knew how much working out sucked, but managed to challenge you in a fun way? Well, your wish has come true. Carrot Fit is a virtual trainer that, for example, cracks jokes about punching Justin Bieber in the face while bringing you through a workout called Seven Minutes In Hell. Other features include shaming you to meet your goals and tracking your weight while severely judging you. Just don’t make the carrot angry…

2. Class Pass: iPhone

Class Pass

Source: itunes.apple.com

Class Pass is technically a companion app to a subscription service, as opposed to a standalone program, but I personally use it and can say it’s been life changing. For $79 to $125 per month, depending on where you live, this service offers you access to hundreds of boutique fitness studios. You are allowed to go to each studio three times per billing cycle. There is access to every kind of class imaginable from surfing and fire dancing to tons more traditional workouts like hot yoga, spinning, and boxing. With so many great activities, it’s impossible to get bored.

3. Pact: iPhone and Android

Pact is one of the most interesting apps out there. As their slogan says, it lets you “Earn cash for healthy living, paid by members who don’t.” That might sound a little sketchy, but we all know the power of group motivation and money. Pact is a great way to combine both. Through the app, you make a pact (or a bet, whatever you want to call it) that you will reach a specific goal you set. If you don’t, you pay. If you do, you get paid. It’s pretty simple. Your activity is verified and tracked via GPS, so you can’t cheat your way out of this. Remember, those who cheat exercise, only cheat themselves. And while you won’t get rich from Pact, you will get motivated, which is a reward you cannot put a price on.

4. Fitbit: iPhone, Android, and Windows


Source: Fitbit

One of the best innovations in fitness recently is the Fitbit. While there are different versions that have various bells and whistles, depending on how much you want to spend, a basic model starts at around a very affordable $24.00. Once you hook up your device to the app, your every move will be tracked whether it’s how many steps you take, stairs you climb, calories you burn, etc. You can also log your meals and search through the calorie database. It’s an incredibly comprehensive program.

5. Fit Radio: iPhone, Android, and Blackberry

You know how awesome your workout can be when you have the right tunes pumping? Is your Bon Jovi and Sublime playlist not really cutting it when you are trying to cut weight? Then you need Fit Radio. This app features DJ created playlists that are designed to maintain a consistent and specific beat to match your pace and activity. Whether you are running, working your abs or doing yoga, Fit Radio will curate the right kind of music for you. In addition to being able to search by activity, you can also search by DJ and genre, making everything easy to customize to your personal tastes.

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