5 of the Best Water Bottles for Every Fitness Personality

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Source: iStock

We all know that staying hydrated is important for our health and gulping down H2O during a workout is key as well. Perhaps we’ve even read about the magic time to drink water for weight loss and shifted our sipping strategy accordingly. But sometimes, convincing ourselves to drink enough water can be a bit of a drag and trips to the office cooler can fall a little south of a veritable struggle. But if you’re carrying a perfect and sleek bottle geared towards your lifestyle, you’ve got an automatic reminder and the goal to #DrinkMoreWater becomes a cinch. Read on for the best water bottles for every kind of fella.

1. S’well Wood Collection, $25-45

Source: S'well

Source: S’well

Best for: The Stylish Fitness Guru

Sometimes, going to the gym is as much about working on your pecs as it is an excuse to dress in killer fitness apparel. This bold and distinctive collection from S’well (We love the Teakwood) is a handsome way to imitate wood but is more than just a pretty face: It keeps cold beverages cold for 24 hours and hot beverages hot for 12. Non-toxic and BPA-free, S’well also plants a tree with American Forests for every Wood Collection bottle purchases. Consider that, well, pretty swell.

2. Hydro Flask Standard Mouth, $29.99

Best for: The “Sweat” Is Your Middle Name Dude

You’ll be giving good mouth to this TempShield (TM) Protected bottle that saves you from lukewarm despair, keeping cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to six hours. Available in a variety of strong colors, this BPA-free bottle is durable enough that dropping it ain’t no thing, but also finished with a sweat-free powder coat that makes gripping it mid-pumping session as easy as stepping on your non-slip shower mat.

3. Contigo Autoseal Fit Stainless Water Bottle, $22.99

Best for: The Hiking-Is-My-Gym Type

Last sip blues got you down? This water bottle provides vacuum insulation down to the last drop that will keep even marathon-length hikers and bikers satisfied with beverages staying cool for up to 18 hours in a leak-proof vestibule. The handy spout shield keeps fluids from spraying out if you’re drinking on-the-go, while a clip-on handle makes attaching it to your bike or camping gear a cinch.

4. Amphipod Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra, $30

Source: Amphipod

Source: Amphipod

Best for: “I’d Rather Be Running” Is Your Mantra Guy

With a functional sleeve design and room to tuck in your phone and ID or keys, you’ll love this sporty handheld water bottle for your long runs. The ergonomic bottle shape lets your hand settle naturally and avoid cramps, while the smart cap allows for speedy drinking.  So go ahead, adjust the cushioned strap and get ready to crush your race pace. Just don’t forget to thank us when you beat your best time on your next half marathon or fun 5k color run you finally signed up for.

5. AVEX Clairty Glass Water Bottle, $19.99

Best for: Progress-Tracking Junkies

Got an Excel spreadsheet keeping tabs on your gym progress? A notebook filled with your max weight-lifting stats that you constantly update? Then you’ll love this slender and refined glass bottle that allows you to see how much water you’ve slung back throughout your day. Available in blue, green, and red, it’s also leak proof and features a convenient wide-mouth style to make drinking more comfortable. Three bottles down and only 2 p.m.? Nicely done; don’t forget to update the spreadsheet.

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