5 of the Worst Foods You Can Eat Before a Date

Garlic is one of the worst foods you can eat before a date

Garlic is one of the worst foods you can eat before a date | Source: iStock

Dating can feel more like work than play with endless rules and restrictions. The evening is often stressful because every move counts — even the moves you make before a date, like what you eat. It’s no surprise the foods you down can affect the way you feel. While this is always important, it’s particularly critical to keep in mind on your big night in order to avoid any unexpected trips to the bathroom or vile breath. Even if you had something spectacular planned down the road, you won’t make it to a second date if you nosh on these foods. Here are five of the worst foods you can eat before a date.

1. Garlic

Let’s get the most obvious out of the way first. Eating garlic before a night on the town is a guaranteed way to make your date walk out on you. While the potent cloves are pretty good for you thanks to anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to boost your immune system when sick, eating them before your night out will just give you smelly breath.

And avoid garlic for the entire day because neither a toothbrush nor a stick of gum will help you. Your blood stream actually absorbs the ingredient, making it appear in your lungs and pores. You might think you’ve rid yourself of the odor, but the second wave could be on its way.

2. Hot dogs 

If you’re planning a romantic evening with a happy ending, then avoid hot dogs. They’re composed of low-grade meat with a high amount of saturated fat, which leads to inflammation that can make your hormones fluctuate. You could even have bedroom troubles. Shari Lieberman, a nutrition scientist and exercise physiologist, told Men’s Fitness these processed meats can “narrow the arteries that carry blood into the penis, which contributes to erectile dysfunction.” If you must dog-it-out during the day of your date, opt for organic, free-range meats. They taste better and have fewer chemicals.

3. Beans

Red beans

Beans | Source: iStock

Beans, beans they’re good for your heart, the more you eat them, the more you, well, you know the end. Silly though this rhyme may be, it’s a good reminder of what will happen if you eat beans before a night out. There’s just no avoiding the sound or smell. The issue is a type of sugar that’s difficult to digest, leading to bloat. Just say no to a black bean burger.

4. Salad and smoothies

While both are incredibly healthy, with the right ingredients, the particles can end up getting stuck in your teeth. Leaves and blueberry seeds, or any small seeds for that matter, can wedge themselves firmly between your chompers. Instead, skip them both and opt for watery veggies, like carrots. They can help to clean any excess food lingering in your mouth, as well as any odors from other food.

5. Neon ice pops or frozen drinks

We know you’re not 5 years old, but you still need to hear this one. Don’t down a slushy or anything that will turn your entire mouth, teeth and tongue included, another color. Not only is it a huge turn-off in terms of looks, but you’ll come across as a child to your date. No matter how good you look or how impeccably dressed you are, a blue mouth is not going to cut it. Neon lips can’t possibly hope to get a kiss.

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