5 Quick Exercises You Can Do While Getting Ready For Work

A busy schedule means it’s hard to squeeze in time for exercise. But according to the American Heart Association, the average American should be getting at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise — or 75 minutes of rigorous exercise — each week. This amount of exercise will keep your heart functioning properly and help you maintain a healthy weight. These early morning workouts will definitely help you put a dent in your exercise to-do list.

Woman doing balasana yoga at gym, with focus on hands.

It’s easy to workout before work. | iStock.com/jacoblund

Do yoga poses before leaving your bed

Total workout time: 5 minutes

Wake up and step right into a workout. Yes, yoga counts. There are several yoga poses that can be done without even leaving your bed. The spinal twist, child’s pose, and more are perfect for a quick morning yoga session. Yoga enhances your flexibility and tones your muscles all while burning calories. If you practice breathing techniques as well, it’s an excellent form of meditation. Kickstart your day with a relaxing workout.

Jump rope during your favorite morning show’s commercial breaks

Total workout time: 16 minutes

If you set aside a whole hour to watch Kelly and Ryan or your local news show, there’s no reason not to spend those commercial breaks working out. Most hour-long television shows have 16 minutes of commercial breaks. Grab a jump rope and squeeze in some cardio between segments. You’ll definitely feel exhausted once the show comes back on, but you’ll burn roughly 160 calories while watching television.

Do calf raises while your oatmeal cooks

Total workout time: 2 minutes

Are you heating up a cup of instant oatmeal for breakfast? Use that microwave countdown as a timer for a quick workout. Do calf raises for 50 seconds; stand with your feet together and stretch up onto your tip toes. Lower your heels back to the ground, and repeat. Take a 20-second break, then do another 50 seconds. It’s a quick exercise, but you will definitely feel the burn.

Alternate lunges while you brush your teeth

Total workout time: 2 minutes

This exercise is something you can do for a full two minutes, which also ensures you’re properly brushing your teeth. Alternate lunges while you brush to get the most out of your morning routing. Feel free to hold on to the bathroom counter with one arm for balance while you brush with the other. Lunges help tone your glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

Sing during your morning commute

Total workout time: 26 minutes

Singing in the car is the best way to enjoy a workout — and singing is definitely a workout. According to the 2010 census, the average American’s commute is just over 26 minutes. Blast the tunes as soon as you buckle up, and you’ll work your core for the full 26 minutes. Plus, you won’t even realize you’re working out.

Incorporating these daily exercises into your morning routine can add as many as 51 minutes of exercise into your day (maybe more, depending on how long that morning commute is).

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