5 Reasons a Woman Doesn’t Want a Serious Relationship

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Conventional stereotypes say that men tend to not want to settle down until they’ve sown their wild oats or are at a place in their lives where they feel ready to dedicate their lives to the woman they love, no ifs, ands or buts about it. Unsurprisingly though, women need to feel ready to settle down with you, too. There is less pressure today for women to rush to this point in their lives. “Women used to feel more pressure to get married and have kids earlier, and prioritize those goals above the others,” says Jezebel’s Katie J.M. Baker to Forbes. Add to the mix women’s ability today to be self-sufficient financially and they just don’t feel the need to rush into settling down. Here are a few reasons why the woman you love may not be ready to settle down with you just yet. Give her some time. 

1. She wants an established career

Just as men want to establish themselves in their careers and have financial stability before they jump into making the biggest commitment of all, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that women in fact want those same things too. They too want to be professional and have power just as much as you do. There’s a reason why they spent six-figures on a bachelor’s degree. She too wants to say that she did it and fulfilled some of her career goals before she settles down with you. Not to mention that women of today want to be accomplished and hold their own: Their careers are something that no one can ever take away from them. Also, what man doesn’t want a smart and talented woman who knows how to get things done? That’s good marriage material.

2. She wants to enjoy living alone

For a woman to get to the point in her life where she can afford to live alone and without roommates is something of a herculean feat when you’re living in a large city. It’s an impressive and tremendous accomplishment. She may want to enjoy it for a while. She has a great stable job, and she wants to live the way she wants for a while, without worrying about taking care of anyone else.

3. She wants to enjoy the fruits of her labor

If she’s able to afford an apartment of her own, chances are she is making a nice salary. She wants to enjoy spending her money and pamper herself because she deserves it and works hard. She doesn’t want to have to answer to anyone yet or think about merging finances. She wants to enjoy her financial freedom while she has it.

4. She wants time for personal growth

It might sound highly cliche but in order for a woman to be happy with someone else she has to be happy with herself. She needs time to figure out who she is and her likes and dislikes; in short, she wants to get to know her inner self and grow emotionally and spiritually. This means that she needs time for freedom and the allowance to spend time with the people and places that make her happy. Settling down with you will take this time away from her. Also, if she doesn’t know herself before settling down, she can risk getting lost in the relationship and end up never truly being happy because she doesn’t have a good relationship with herself. She needs that and so do you.

5. She’s not sure you’re ready to fully be a grown up

Just as women have to be ready to settle down, so too should you, and you have to honestly ask yourself: Have you sown your wild oats? Have you done everything you wanted to do as a single man so that you’ll be able to start experiencing everything as a couple and spend the rest of your life with her? She wants to know that you’re ready to and that you’ve made mistakes and had all of your experiences before settling down. Let her know.

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