5 Reasons Why Men Should Do Pilates

You may have heard a lot of myths about Pilates. For example, it’s only for ballet dancers or just for women. Perhaps you’ve heard it’s an easy workout. Well, none of those things are true. If you want a hardcore workout that will make your core harder, your body stronger, and everything else in your life better, you need to try Pilates. This exercise was originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s to help cure ill health. The method became popular with dancers in the 1960’s when Pilates and his wife Clara opened up a fitness studio in the same building as the New York City Ballet. Although he died in 1967, the legacy of Joseph Pilates lives on through through the exercises he created. Pilates isn’t a “fitness craze” nor has it ever been. In fact, it is especially beneficial for men in particular, improving so many aspects of their lives and overall health.

1. It improves your golf swing


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Sometimes the key to a better swing isn’t on the links, but on the reformer. Pilates has been proven to help you hit the ball in a straighter direction, more accurately, and a further distance. It can also help prevent injury, so you won’t complain anymore about post-game back pain. Every single exercise you do in Pilates comes from the core and strengthens it. All golf swings originate from your center, so a stronger core will make you a stronger player. Furthermore, the stretching you do in Pilates will increase your flexibility, so you will be able to achieve a fuller range on motion with your swing.

2. Pilates makes your sex life better

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At any given Pilates class, you will find lots of single women with great bodies, so your prospects will certainly increase that way. But, in all seriousness, Pilates helps strengthen the pelvis floor and pubococcygeal, aka the PC muscle, which controls urination and ejaculation. So, by strengthening those muscles, you are better able to control your emissions and get it on for a longer period of time. Your partner certainly won’t complain.

3. It’s a great alternative to yoga

You know that yoga helps you both physically and mentally, but realistically, yoga isn’t enjoyable for everyone. There’s nothing wrong with that, so Pilates is an excellent alternative to gain similar benefits like stretching and strengthening. It is also little less zen and frankly, a whole lot more fun. Plus, interaction with the instructor is actually encouraged, whereas it typically isn’t during a Yoga class. Pilates also helps you connect your mind and body through movement and breath, which has been proven to improve all aspects of your life.

4. You might finally achieve that six pack

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If you’ve been trying to get a six-pack, but just can’t define those muscles through traditional abdominal exercises and crunches, you need to try Pilates. It is all about abdominals and core work, especially the transverse abdominals, which are the muscles under a six-pack. There are also many Pilates exercises that work the oblique muscles. Additionally, Pilates also strengthens the minor muscles that you probably haven’t focused on while doing other kinds of abdominal exercises.

5. You’ll have more energy and sweat less

Does leaving the gym feeling totally drained, stepping into cold weather, wearing layers, and covered in sweat sound appealing to you? Of course it does not. In Pilates, you actually sweat less than you do with other forms of exercise, especially weightlifting and cardio. The focus is more on form than on number of reps and you use your own body as well and different machines like a reformer or tower for resistance. Ultimately, you leave the studio feeling challenged, refreshed, longer, and leaner. But don’t worry, you’ll feel it the next day.

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