5 Simple Ways to Fight Fatigue, Stress, and Preoccupation

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Naturopathica Chelsea Healing Arts Center & Spa is a recently opened wellness center focused on what it calls 21st century wellness. “21st Century Wellness is a new 360-degree approach to well-being and health,” says lifelong practitioner of the healing arts, Barbara Close — the founder of Naturopathica. “It’s about personal transformation, abandoning the mentality of the ‘miracle pill’ cure-all and learning to incorporate traditional healing practices into everyday lives to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit.”

With that in mind, we asked Close to highlight a few of her favorite simple tips that can be practiced throughout the day to reduce fatigue, improve alertness, and curb stress.

1. Sunrise:


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Start your day with an invigorating shower to awaken the mind and body. Pump ½ tsp. of aromatherapeutic bath and body oil onto a damp washcloth and rub the entire body briskly. Alternate hot and cold water (1 minute of hot water followed by 15 seconds of cold water). Repeat the cycle three times. Try the Alpine Arnica Bath & Body Oil or Deep Forest Bath & Body Oil which are formulated with therapeutic essential oils designed to cleanse, re-balance, and heal the body.

2. Mid-morning:

Rather than resorting to a sugar spike, re-boot your morning with a simple inhalation of Peppermint essential oil, prized by herbalists for its ability to enhance memory and increase alertness.

Try an inhalation with Re-boot Aromatic Alchemy, which includes Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Holy Basil which together work to increase the body’s resistance to stress. Place 2 to 3 drops into your palm, rub your hands briskly together, and inhale deeply.

3. Afternoon:


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Curb your coffee craving with a simple tea ritual. Shou Pu-erh, a traditional fermented Chinese black tea, offers an intensely rich coffee-esque experience with notes of Red Wine, Tobacco and Honey and probiotic benefits re-balance a healthy gut — minus the jittery-ness. Steep 1 oz. of loose tea at 205°F for 2 minutes and enjoy.

4. Evening:

Eliminate post-workout exhaustion by making sure that muscles and joints have enough Magnesium, a key mineral that helps muscles reduce inflammation and function more efficiently. Apply a Magnesium-rich gel like Sweet Birch Deep Muscle Rub before and after workouts, whether unwinding with yoga or training for a marathon, to soothe chronically sore or overworked muscles, tendons and joints. For more acute sprains and bruising, try Arnica Muscle & Joint Gel, which works to help expedite the healing process.

5. Before bed:

Eliminate the morning stress of ingrown hairs from shaving by healing and clarifying the skin overnight. Apply an exfoliating treatment to the face and neck before bed and wake to healthy, refreshed, and younger looking skin. Try the AHA Refining Peel with Aloe Vera, which will help soothe irritation and reduce redness.

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