5 Things That You Can Do to Increase Productivity

At times, it may feel like even though you know exactly what you have to do at work, you just can’t get yourself to do it. Productivity is key in any part of life, and when you are being productive you feel like you can take on the world. Overall, the key to productivity is finding your groove and sticking to it. To help, we have rounded out five great ways to channel your inner productivity.

Take a look, and remember that if something isn’t working there is always another 10 ways to accomplish it. If at first you aren’t productive, try, try again.

1. Create to-do lists

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When it feels like you have a million things piling up and all of their deadlines are quickly approaching, an ideal first step is to make a to-do list. If it helps, you can even make two columns: one for urgent tasks and the other for those tasks that can be left until the end. 

If you are not the old-fashion paper and pen kind of person, utilize technology by creating a list on your phone, or use Google Tasks, which will sync with all of the other Google technology you already use such as Gmail and Google Calendar. Long-term tasks can be tracked as one large project, or can be broken down into smaller sub projects so that you can easily keep track of not only how the overall objective is going, but also how the individual parts are coming along.

2. Avoid multitasking

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We are told constantly about the harm of multitasking, but let’s be honest — with laptops and smartphones at our fingertips, we are constantly working on more than a few things at once. 

Researcher Eyal Ophir of Standford told The Huffington Post, ”Humans don’t really multitask.” So if you want to get a specific task done quickly, you should stop trying to multi-task and keep your brain focused on the most important work at hand.

3. Challenge yourself physically

You may feel tired all the time, and if this is the case, you should probably first figure out why your body clock is all messed up. However, working out has the ability to aid your mood, boost energy, and help productivity. If you can’t see yourself working out every morning, start slow try adding in a morning workout once or twice a week.

Another option could be to try and squeeze in an afternoon or lunch break workout. Usually we become the least productive during a midday slump. This can be avoided by adding in a small workout and boosting your mood or endorphins.

A third option includes joining your company sports teams. Joining a team is a great way to build strong relationships with your coworkers, leading to increased productivity in the office. It is also a great way to have fun while reducing the stress of work.

4. Take a break

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If you feel like you are struggling to focus, sometimes the best thing is to step away. Research shows that Americans work really really hard, so you might want to even consider turning your break into a vacation. I know what you’re thinking: “I can’t take a vacation because my work will just pile up.” So, think ahead and try get a little extra work done before you leave. 

Another tip is to have a digital detox while on vacation. We are all tempted to check our emails and work phones, but seriously TURN IT OFF. Taking a break will allow you to truly relax, and when you head back to the office, you will be sharper than ever!

5. Create a routine

Humans are creatures of habit, so creating a killer routine, and sticking to it will help us through every day life, especially when it comes to productivity. Routines allow us to carry out tasks efficiently and affectively because they begin to naturally blend with our everyday activities. 

A great way to create a work routine is to establish tasks that you have to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can always test and adjust your routine by trying different tasks on different days, and establishing which days become the most efficient. Trust us, having a routine will allow your productivity to go up, and your daily need to spend time planning to go down.

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