5 Vegan Food Innovations Even Meat-Eaters Will Crave

Let’s be real, being a vegan isn’t just for crunchy granola types anymore. From countless celebrities adopting the plant-based lifestyle, to prolific mainstream authors like Mark Bittman penning VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00, many people are becoming increasingly curious about making a shift to a vegan or partially vegan lifestyle. (Heck, I’ve been Vegan When Sober for the past three years, and it’s worked for me a good 91% of the time.)

But there’s still no denying that going, well, cold turkey can be a bit intimidating and make you feel like giving up before making the eat-more-veggies plunge. To make the shift easier, and pretty damn tasty, look no further than these five vegan game-changers well-worth trying.

1. The Purple Carrot

Courtesy of The Purple Carrot

Source: The Purple Carrot

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of creating your own meal. (Alright, maybe that post-twenty likes on Instagram bliss helps too.) Besides, remember when someone argued over that tantalizing pasta e fagioli for dinner? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Using whole foods ingredients and plant-based foods, this innovative meal kit service delivers fresh, wholesome ingredients with creative recipes straight to your door. If you can’t call pre-measured ingredients, healthy foods, and step-by-step directions a recipe for culinary success, we don’t know what qualifies.


Game, set, glow. This incredible selection of plant-based superfoods includes protein bars, chocolate, trail mix, and more. Sometimes it can be hard to crowd out your old favorite omnivore snacks when making the transition (Greek yogurt and string cheese, we’re looking at you). For a big nutrient bang for your buck, reach for ALOHA’s Daily Good Greens. These powders contain two servings of fruits and vegetables in every pack, along with nutrients and antioxidants galore from superfoods like wheat grass juice, coconut water, and beet juice. Simply add the pouch to water, smoothies, or even soup for a quick nutrient-boost.

3. GoMacro

Whether you’re looking to refuel post-workout or just want to slip in a quick afternoon snack, these tasty plant-based bars come in flavors like peanut butter chocolate chip and banana almond butter (so far). Gluten-free, kosher, and organic to boot, it’s hard to argue with this family-owned company that delivers a protein pleasure we can get behind.

4. So Delicious Dairy Free

SDDF_IMG_00153 ice cream

Source: So Delicious Dairy Free

Certain words don’t go together: a southern bar called Brother Jimmy’s, for instance, or life-long romance. Ditto for “yogurt” and “vegan.” Or so we thought. So Delicious Dairy Free cultured coconut milk products are available in unsweetened and unsweetened vanilla. These vegan yogurts are rich in probiotics and only have 1 gram of sugar (which is naturally occurring from the coconut) – leaving it difficult to find another yogurt with less sugar. And lest we forget, yes, there’s ice cream. Did we mention the salted caramel cluster variety? Who said vegans can’t have their cake and eat their cashew milk ice cream too?

5. Veestro

You know the drill: You arrive home and get excited over cooking up a storm, only to realize it’s 9 p.m. and you just need to get something on the table. Consider Veestro your lifesaver on demand. Simply remove from the freezer, pop in the oven or microwave, and serve. With choices like veggie lasagna and risotto with butternut squash from this gourmet, plant-based organic meal delivery service, dinner becomes as easy as zipping up that new fall hoodie.

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