5 Ways That Having a Child Can Actually Help Your Career

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Becoming a dad is one of the most amazing things in life. There is now a human being out there in the world who is a part of you, whom you are now responsible for. It is a humbling experience and is one that will change you, starting the very first day you welcome your little one into the world. Your bundle of joy will unknowingly change your viewpoints, as well as your interaction with the world. Here are five things your kids will teach you, and how these little lessons will unknowingly help you become successful in your professional life.

1. You’re much more present

When you become a father, you begin to live for moments: your baby’s first smile, the first time he or she walks, and the first time your bundle of joy say “dada.” Being a father teaches you to live in the moment and be firmly present so that you don’t miss a beat when it comes to your child. Now that your baby is conditioning you to being more present, you find yourself doing that same while at work. Listening intently to what people have to say and really focusing on one project at a time ensures you don’t miss anything.

2. You care more

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Caring for another human being, especially one who is completely dependent on you makes you a much more compassionate person than you were before becoming a father. It taps into your humanity and leaves you wanting to preserve the world for your children, as well as making conscious, caring decisions that are seen as “doing the right thing.” This new humanity you feel translates to your co-workers and a greater understanding of people’s needs. You become incredibly attuned to others.

3. You’re able to read what people need

Being a father can be a scary and frustrating time, especially when you are powerless in stopping a crying infant; you just cannot figure out what your baby wants or needs no matter how hard you try. But as time goes on, you learn and become accustomed to satisfying their needs. Being a father will help you relate to the people around you, and to better assess their needs and the needs of your company, helping you to be a better problem solver.

4. You budget your time better

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Especially if you have a newborn, your time is incredibly limited. In order to maintain some sort of sanity, you have to figure out ways to make time for yourself and your S.O. The same habits will begin to translate at the office, figuring out what is of priority and what can be put off until a later time. It also forces you to do things under time constraints, which at the end of the day, can be a very positive thing — a sense of urgency allows you to tackle more work and maybe that promotion you’ve been coveting.

5. You realize you can’t control everything

If there is anything being a father will teach you. it is that as much as much as you want to control things, you can’t. You learn to expect the unexpected and deal with it as calmly as you can. It is actually a very freeing feeling. Once you recognize you can’t control everything, you can really begin to enjoy your life and all the wonderful moments that come along with it, which is both beneficial at home and work.

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