5 Ways to Combat Holiday Loneliness

No one likes feeling lonely — especially during the holidays. It’s not only debilitating to self-esteem, but can have a serious impact on physical well-being. Take matters into your own hands if you feel a bout of sadness coming your way by following self-help expert, author, and life coach Klay S. Williams‘s advice.

Here are Williams’s top five tips to combat holiday loneliness:

1. Find support in your own backyard

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Do not be afraid to reach out to a professional colleague that you’ve formed a relationship with. Relationship building that you’ve formed in your own backyard could be key in combating holiday loneliness. In today’s society, we are spending more and more time at work, creating weighted relationships built on trust, accountability and sometimes, unbeknownst to us — friendship. The days of completely separating our professional and personal lives, are becoming less and less. Work families often care about our well-being just as much as our familial bloodlines, if not more, in some cases. The trick is not found in blaming yourself for being lonely or attempting to find guilt about your circumstances/feelings — but to look within your day-to-day life. Chances are, the things/relationships that we need or want are there, but have manifested in a totally different outcome than how we imagined.

2. Tackle a few items on your bucket list

What have you been dying to do for some time? Is there something that you have placed on reserve as a result of waiting to experience with someone else? No more. Give yourself permission to explore some of your greatest life desires, now. Not only does this exercise create accomplishment and fulfillment, it also could provide you with opportunities to meet new people. Being at the right place, at the right time, begins with exploring the spaces that bring you the most joy.

3. Create a meet-up group

With leading social media platforms, such as Meetup.com, connecting with like-minded people might be easier than what we think. Take action in creating the experiences that matter most to you. More than likely, there is a community waiting to be developed at the touch of your fingertips.

4. Get active

The gym has transformative powers that go beyond physical health and creating community. Exercising gives us clarity and is an underutilized form of internal support. Is there a message that your life is trying to communicate to you through your feelings? Beyond the frustration, pain and uncertainty lies a message that you might need to hear. And, the truth is, you can only receive this message with a clear mind.

5. Volunteer

There is no greater feeling than knowing that your contribution in supporting another provided great joy and happiness through the act of giving. Giving is another form of actionable support that allows you to reevaluate the things in life that you complain about or are unhappy with. Volunteering teaches us that we are not alone, but are connected on a human and spiritual level to others. And, when we experience loneliness, it’s connection that we crave most.

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