5 Ways to Surprise Your Partner on Valentine’s Day


Are you that guy that always wakes up on Valentine’s Day with no plan? While others have created an extravagant holiday for their partner, you may be calling the florist on your way out the door or picking up yet another stuffed animal with chocolates to appease your partner. If this is your typical response to Valentine’s Day, then you may be in need of a holiday makeover. Valentine’s Day is all about showing your partner you love them, which is something you already may not do enough. Take advantage of the holiday by spending a little extra time and brainpower to assure this year your partner is blown away by the Valentine’s Day you create for them.

Valentine's Day

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Take a moment to think about your loved one and what would be meaningful to them. Do they like public displays of affection? Enjoy games or challenges? Or do they love intimate moments full of candlelight and romance? Once you’ve got their Valentine’s Day style sorted out, use these customizable ideas to create the ultimate day for the person you love.

1. Scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt

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If your sweetie has a competitive streak and loves playing board games and team sports, this idea may be the perfect way to make their day. Go around your town or even your house or neighborhood and hide riddles that lead to a final destination or surprise. Start by giving them a riddle that leads to another location where the second clue will be waiting. You can attach small gifts to each riddle or have one final gift or surprise waiting at the end of the scavenger hunt. Have the riddles lead to the restaurant where you had your first date or to a picnic you set up in advance. This surprise will not only leave you both laughing from your rhyming skills and your partner’s interpretation, but it will draw out the surprise leaving you both excited for the day’s main event.

2. Breakfast in bed

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There is something luxurious about a lazy morning spent in bed. Make this rarity a reality by sneaking out of bed early on Valentine’s Day morning and creating your partner’s favorite breakfast. Do they love waffles with fresh strawberries? Or a full egg breakfast? Do your shopping in advance so you can slip out of bed and get cooking. Make sure you include OJ and coffee and maybe something special like a cream filled doughnut or a buttery croissant. Not a great cook? If your loved one has a favorite brunch spot, see if they offer early morning delivery or pick up options. Unwrap everything and prepare it on a platter before bringing it to bed. Once breakfast is over, give yourself enough time for a leisurely morning.

3. Create memorabilia

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If your loved one is a sucker for creative, meaningful gifts, then skip the flowers and jewelry and spend your time creating something that will mean a lot. Use iPhoto or Shutterfly to create a calendar full of photos of the two of you with every anniversary or meaningful date noted. Make a coupon book that includes creative coupon ideas that your partner can use throughout the year for special treatment. Include typical items like a foot massage, special treatment in bed, household chores, and a date night, but don’t forget to customize it to your partner and your specific relationship. Throw in some fun, creative activities that you know your partner has wanted to try like taking an acro yoga class or going on a road trip to the mountains.

4. Go on a progressive dinner

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If your partner is a foodie, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to try out an elaborate progressive dinner. Start with a drink at bar known for creating unique cocktails, then go to the next spot for an appetizer before heading to a third venue for the entrée. Finish off the night with dessert and a nightcap at a fourth stop before heading home. Take the time to plan this out perfectly so you have reservations at each restaurant that are spaced apart enough to allow you enough time to relax and enjoy your food at each stop. If you live in a city with great dining options, use this evening as an excuse to try out new restaurants. If not, go to some of your favorite spots with some new venues thrown in. Take it up a notch by giving your partner a gift or small note at each stop to show them how much you love them.

5. Book an unforgettable experience

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Has your loved one always dreamed of learning to sail or wanted to drive a racecar? You can make their dream a reality by booking a once in a lifetime experience for them this Valentine’s Day. Do your research on what is available near you and make their dream a reality. For great ideas and packages you can book in 43 regions across the U.S. visit Cloud9 Living. They offer plenty of memorable activities that will make anyone’s Valentine’s Day including hot air balloon rides, dinner cruises, and flying experiences.

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