5 Workouts That Will Boost Your Testosterone

For every problem we’d like to solve, there are a million and one quick fixes that promise relief. But the savvier consumers get, the less snake oil we are willing to purchase. People are waking up to the fact that the good things in life are worth working hard for. Having a healthy body is worth some sweat and tears, so here is a list of difficult workouts that are proven to boost testosterone; no supplements or gimmicks required.

These workouts are all known as neuromuscular exercises, which means they will activate your nervous system and muscular system simultaneously. There is a high correlation between neuromuscular activation and sex hormone output, meaning it’s a great way to boost your testosterone. Read on.

1. Muscle-ups

Muscle-ups are the king of upper body exercises. They combine pull-ups with dips in a deeply neuromuscular movement that stimulates the endocrine system and testosterone production. Christopher Walker, testosterone expert and author of Testosterone I/O, has attributed dynamic increases in testosterone in large part to the muscle-up. Though it is a high difficulty exercise, it is worth working toward to gain the neuromuscular and testosterone enhancing benefits.

The tutorial above, as demonstrated by the Bar Brother of Florida, shows you how to properly do a muscle up. Doing muscle ups will require a substantial amount of upper body strength, so if you aren’t quite there, you can work up to them with another stimulating neuromuscular exercise known as the pull up.

2. Pull-ups

Pull-ups are known as squats for the upper body. They are extremely powerful and require so much core strength that they activate the abdomen more than any ab exercise alone. The more explosively you do pull-ups, the greater neuromuscular coordination is exercised. So aim to get your chest over the bar, but make your eccentric rep (lowering motion) controlled and deliberate.

Once you can do 10 or more repetitions, adding weights to your pull-ups will dramatically increase the testosterone boosting effect of the exercise. Also, adding weights will help you to explosively prepare for the muscle up, which is arguably the best T-boosting exercise known to man.

Kipping, or swinging the lower legs, is helpful for those who can’t do many repetitions, but it can become a crutch that inhibits explosive movement of the targeted muscle groups. For best results alternate between kipping and kip-less pull-ups. Besides, explosive leg movements are best saved for squats.

Watch the video above, courtesy of Sean Nalewanyj, for instruction of form and technique.

3. Jump squats

Jump squats require precise neuromuscular coordination throughout your entire body, which makes them one of the most effective testosterone boosting exercises. Coiling deep into your knees and exploding sequentially from feet to fingertips will engage your whole body while intensely stimulating your leg muscles, core, and glutes.

Try five sets of 10 repetitions if you are a beginner, and once you can get past 15, try adding a weight vest or medicine ball for dynamic effect. Jump squats have the most bang for their buck of any exercise, so they are especially appealing when time is limited.

Greg Brookes shows you how it’s done in his instructional video.

4. Sprints

hill sprints

Source: iStock

Sprints just make sense. If we grew up in nature, where all the wild things roamed, then it stands to reason that sprinting away from big and toothy carnivores is part of our DNA and beneficial to us.

Studies have proved that short but intense sprints lead to increased human growth hormone levels 60 minutes past the workout. Sprints work especially well for those of us who always find themselves short on time. You can achieve the testosterone boosting effect with five sets of sprints that last only six seconds, but you have to give it everything you have for the full effect.

5. Squats and bench presses


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Squats and bench presses are like bread and butter. Even if you did nothing else, these two exercises would keep you in a high level of functional fitness with ample testosterone production.

Studies have shown that the optimal time for testosterone production in between sets is 90 seconds. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is not just an insane fad that owners of Cross-Fit gyms want to keep going, but it is scientifically vetted for maximum results.

There have also been studies suggesting that reps completed after failure have a special testosterone boosting effect, so have your spotter give you three assisted reps after failure for one of your sets.

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