6 Coolest Health Inventions for 2016

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Technology in the health and fitness space has been gaining popularity over the past few years. We’ve been exposed to fitness bands, like the NikeFuel band, Jawbone, and FitBit. In 2016, we can expect to see the trend of wearable AND non-wearable technology in health and fitness to become the number one trend of the year.

Technology we’ve seen in the fitness space includes people-tracking devices, fitness brands, smart clothing, smart glasses, smart watches, heart rate monitors and plenty of other things to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Global retail from wearable smart devices is expected to rake in over $19 billion by 2018.

This year, we see devices that help you more accurately determine your weight, view when and how you’re burning the most calories, as well as a device in your pants or shorts that tells you how to improve your form. Is it just us, or are we living in the future? Check out our curated list of the coolest health gadget launches in 2016.


levl now

Source; Levl

If you have trouble with losing weight, LEVL may be your next great solution. All you have to do is exhale into the breath analyzer to see when you’re burning fat. When you lift weight, your body off-gasses acetone. LEVL picks up how much acetone you are breathing out to determine if you need to change up your routine. This device can help you understand your activities and make sure you aren’t forgetting your weight loss goals.

LEVL is available sometime in 2016 yet the date hasn’t been released yet. According to the site, LEVL’s technology works by detecting acetone, but, in addition, the app “links you to predictive and historical fat-loss data and readings that provide you with deep insights into your metabolism that are usually only available in a clinical setting. Now you have information in real-time to guide you to future successes in your fat-loss goals.”

2. ReliefBand

relief band helps with motion sickness and nausea

Source: ReliefBand

A band that helps with nausea? We feel like we’re living in the future! This may not necessarily help with achieving ultimate fitness or health, but it’s unlike anything we’ve seen on the market. For those of you who get motion sickness, but don’t find respite in common antacids, this could be your answer. The technology behind ReliefBand is referred to as neuromodulation, which “uses the body’s natural neural pathways to regulate the various stimulus mechanisms causing motion sickness.”

This technology has been used by doctors in the past to treat nausea, vomiting (often from morning sickness and motion sickness), as well as post-surgery or during chemotherapy. The device emits gentle pulses to underneath the wrist, which create a mild tingling sensation to the palm and middle fingers. This means that the device is activating the natural neural pathways via the median nerve.

It’s pretty affordable at $90 and is available online.

3. Lumo Lift/Lumo Run

lumo run pants adjust posture as you run

Source: LumoBodyTech.com

Lumo is one company that is strict on delivering the best innovative products. This year, they’re trying to improve posture and back pain through Lumo Lift. You calibrate your standard/goal for good posture to the device beforehand. Then, you clip the small device on your shirt; when it gently vibrates, that is when you are reminded you are slouching.

Lumo Run does something entirely different. Lumo Run includes men’s shorts that help you better your running form, but without wires, goggles, or wristbands. Your pants are essentially your new running coach. Lumo Run measures six things (which is recorded through an app): Cadence, bounce, ground contact time, braking, pelvic rotation and stride length. While you’re running, you hear a voice through your headphones telling you at what point to correct your form. Plus, this little device lasts one month on a single charge. It’ll be like you’re carrying around a personal trainer in your pocket.



 4. QardioBase

QardioBase takes your scale to a completely new level. Introducing: The smart scale. This trendy, white, circular scale measures your body composition in addition to weight, which includes body mass index (BMI), muscle mass, body fat percentage, water and bone composition. Women can even set it for when they are pregnant. It uses WiFi to put all the information from the scale to your app so you can measure your progress daily.

5. Healbe GoBe

healbe band helps maximize weight loss

Source: HealBe

This wrist-worn device could soon shake up the weight loss industry. The band measures caloric intake – automatically. The sensor in the band measures the amount of glucose in your cells through your skin making it easier for them to track calories. This band does even more. It has an always-on heart rate monitor, measures stress and hydration levels, counts calories consumed and burned and measures sleep. The device is $299 but brings the power of three devices, or more, into one.

6. Melomind

melomind is the cutting-edge stress reliever

Source: Slashgear.com

Promising to reduce stress, Melomind is a headset device that uses your brain activity to create music. Users hear a series of guided meditations. This device was created in collaboration with the Brain & Spine Institute of Paris and is said to be one of the hottest products out there this year – and a breakthrough in stress tech. It costs $299 but may be worth it for a stress-free life.

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