6 Things Every Man Needs at the Gym

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In order to get fit, you need the right gear. Here is checklist of everything you need to get started, which will help make 2016 your fittest year yet.

1. Ear buds

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Good tunes help motivate us to move, so quality ear buds are an absolute must. The most important thing is to find ones that fit well and stay in your ears because there is no quicker route to the Mediocre Workout Zone than having to deal with ear buds that keep sliding out of your ears. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to find a pair that fits. In fact, for many men, expensive ear buds might not be the wisest investment. There are tons to be found in every gym’s lost and found because those things just seem to walk away on their own. If you want a good pair you can still afford to lose, check out Panasonic’s RPTCM125A Headphones, which cost just $10.99 on Amazon. If sounds quality is important to you, Bose has a variety of ear buds in a range of prices and styles for all of your devices.

2. Sneakers that fit

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Proper footwear is an absolute must. It’s very important to choose sneakers that really fit your feet and not just that fit your style. If you have not bought a new pair in a while, you should actually go to the store and try the sneakers on. Sure, it’s not as convenient as shopping online, but you will be very sorry if you are trying to work out in uncomfortable sneakers. Don’t be afraid to run or jump around the store and test them out.

3. Proper socks


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Good socks can be almost as important as good shoes. After all, if your feet are blistered or irritated, you probably won’t be able to work out as hard as you could. The first thing to consider is what activity you are doing. Different activities require different socks. For cardio, the No. 1 thing to look for is socks that wick away moisture and have a little padding, such as these from Reebok.

4. Moisture-wicking pants or shorts


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Sure, you might love to run around the neighborhood in a pair of mesh shorts from your college alma matter, but if you are constantly picking up your pants (which happens when you lose weight), how are you ever going to be able to pick up those kettle bells? It’s really important to wear moisture-wicking pants or shorts that mold to your body. Don’t be afraid to try on multiple pairs and move around in them before you make your purchase. Do squats! Take a jog! Do whatever it takes to make sure your clothing fits properly. A good place to start is at Lululemon because it sells quality activewear and generally has a knowledgeable staff. The company will also hem your pants at no extra change, if need be.

5. A classic hoodie

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A hoodie is absolutely necessary for men to throw on after working out, even if you already have a jacket. Putting on a winter coat after getting all sweaty is a sure way to stink it up. You need that buffer. After a really intense gym session, it’s best to actually skip the jacket altogether and just wear your hoodie.

6. A BPA-free water bottle

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Staying hydrated is key. You can always buy bottled water, but that’s not the most eco-friendly option and it’s certainly not the cheapest. So many studios and gyms have filtered water available for the taking. All you need to do is BYOB. One tried and true bottle is the old-school Nalgene. Nalgene water bottles are virtually indestructible, easy to clean, leak proof, BPA-free, affordable, and come in a variety of styles.

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