6 Tricks to Quickly Clean Your House After Hosting a Party

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You ate. You drank. You were merry. And now the entire living room (heck, house) looks like your college fraternity, and there may even be a hunk of crusted-over spaghetti embedded into the carpet between the couch and coffee table. Eek! Fear not: We tapped Karen Hall, Microbioligist at Dyson to find out how to have your house looking like new in no time. Read on for her top tips.

 1. Get rings out of furniture

File this under oh-so-brilliant: “Remove rings on furniture with mayonnaise – Guests forget to use coasters? Use a glob of mayonnaise to cover the ring and let sit for 15 minutes. Wipe off and buff with a cloth afterwards,” explains Hall.

2. Vacuum mattresses to keep out dust mites

For those guests who wound up crashing and spending the night or even in-laws or other family members who stayed throughout the holiday, the mattress is a prime spot for allergens to collect, so don’t forget to clean it. “Use Dyson’s V6 Mattress to remove the dust mites from your mattress [and other grime] to ensure a clean bed (before and) after your holiday guests arrive,” says Hall.

3. Disinfect bins to banish bacteria monsters

Bacterial foes? Not in this house! “Trash bins are breeding grounds for bacteria, and with many people tossing their plates and napkins, it is important to use an anti-bacterial wipe on this surface before and after guests arrive,” suggests Hall. After a party, also be sure to take out all of the trash stat (flip a coin with your roomie or partner to decide who is on garbage duties) to make sure food doesn’t attract bugs or rodents or make the house smell funky.

4. Follow this smart hack to erase stains

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“Remove stains with soda crystals (or sodium bicarbonate) – Sodium bicarbonate (or baking soda) mixed with water used as a presoak will help get rid of stains, including wine that may have been spilled,” says Hall. Not that, you know, wine is ever spilled. No, never.

 5. Tackle toilet stains

“Too many glasses of spiked Eggnog? To remove unsightly stains from the toilet, a can of cola can do the trick. Pour cola around the inside of the loo and leave for an hour, then flush,” suggests Hall.

6. Rebound from reorganizing your furniture for the soirée

“Holiday party furniture rearrangement can uncover unsightly dents in the carpet,” Hall comments. “To return the pile to normal, put an ice cube onto the dent and let it melt naturally. Leave to dry. As your carpet absorbs the water, the fibers of the carpet will return to normal,” Hall elaborates. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re just about ready to throw another holiday party.

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