6 Ways to Prepare at Night for Your Morning Workouts


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It’s much easier to hit snooze five times for the eight alarms you had before even thinking of getting up to go work out. Morning workouts, like any healthful habit, take time to get used to.

It’s easy to encourage yourself the night before a workout but takes two seconds to roll over in bed and sleep through it. Often times, you feel incredible after morning workouts and promise to yourself that tomorrow morning will be THE day.

Well, now it can be. With a few simple tricks, getting up for your morning workouts will become a habit that you’ll love. So, what’s the benefit of morning workouts?

While the best time of the day to workout depends on your body clock, morning workouts can be great for you, plus help get your workout done early in the day so you don’t have to worry about packing a gym bag post-work. There are some studies that show late-night workouts can give you insomnia. Just think: You can finally say yes to happy hour because you already sweated it off in the morning.

Morning workouts can can help rev up your metabolism and ward off hunger throughout the day, which is why motivating yourself the night before a workout is key to success. Here is how to motivate yourself the night before a workout.

1. Plan what time you’ll need to get out of bed

Whether you have a class scheduled or plan to run a 5k before getting ready for work, planning a time is helpful. Then you can base the time you wake up off of when you need to go to bed. Getting adequate sleep is crucial for being motivated the morning of. Some fitness trainers say to set two alarms: one to let you know you have 15 more minutes to sleep and one to warn you that it’s crunch time. Even better? Set your alarm across the room so you have to get up and grab it.

In addition, lay your clothes out with every last thing you’ll need before walking out the door.

2. Prepare your coffee

protein shake

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Put your ground coffee and water in the coffee maker so all you need to do is press a button. In addition to your coffee, get your water bottle ready and pack a pre-workout snack/breakfast so you can quickly grab it before heading out.

3. Give yourself a pep talk the night before

Ask yourself what you will gain from waking up early and hitting the gym before work. Tell yourself that tomorrow is the day to start changing your habits. You could be heading out for a bike ride or simply jogging on the treadmill, but, regardless, good habits will be formed by doing something positive for your health. Stay positive about getting up early and think about all you’ll accomplish after you start your morning off right.

4. Plan with a workout buddy

Accountability! Get your girlfriend, boyfriend, or a friend to work out with you. That way, no one will bail because you’re in it together. You don’t want to let your friends down, do you? Plus socializing early in the morning will help your mind stay engaged.

5. Visualize your workout before bed


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Visualize yourself enjoying your workout, feeling energized after it, and loving the day ahead of you. Research shows that imagining yourself reaching an exercise goal can help you be more successful. Visualization strategies are actually really important aspects of training, on every athletic level.

6. Hydrate the night before – and morning of

Water helps your muscles function properly, so staying hydrated is vital for morning workout success. Water is one of the most anabolic agents there is. It’s more important for muscles to have water than protein in order to grow. So don’t starve your muscles before a workout. If it’s tough to chug water right away in the morning, make an effort to stay really hydrated the night before.

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