7 Fun and Unique Date Ideas

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Whether it’s your first date or your fiftieth, the standard dinner and a movie is quickly becoming overrated. A nice meal is always enjoyable, and while you can snuggle or hold hands during the movie, you’ll spend over half of your evening staring at a screen basically ignoring each other. Why settle for typical and boring, when there are fun, unconventional date ideas that will leave you and your date pleasantly surprised? If it’s a first date, take the time to make a good impression by skipping the easy road to put some thought and personality into the occasion. If this is one of many dates with your partner, shake things up by surprising them with a date they won’t forget.

Having trouble coming up with anything unique? Cheat Sheet’s got your back with these totally unconventional date night ideas.

Be a tourist

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See your town or state from a tourist’s perspective. How many “touristy” things have you skipped because they are just so tourist ridden? Visit the museum, check out natural landmarks, and walk down the main street and window shop. Experience your everyday world from a completely different point of view.

Get to the water

Find a nearby river, lake, or reservoir and plan an afternoon or early evening on the water. Rent a row boat or paddle boat and drift off into the calm waters. Go to a specialty deli and have them put together a picnic lunch of sandwiches and sides or even a cheese and fruit plate. If you’re trying to save on dough, make a delicious picnic yourself and hop aboard.

Spend an afternoon at the flea market

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Head to the flea market and agree on a dollar amount that you both feel comfortable spending. Then, set some restrictions. Say you can each spend $20 on each other but that every item must start with the letter M, for example. Set a time limit and go. Not only will this date instigate your healthy competitive nature, but you’ll have a great time laughing over what you both got each other.

Go for the experience

Make a list of a few things that each of you has never done before. Maybe you’ve never tried a bagel with lox or been roller-skating. Create a list that encompasses both of your firsts and plan your entire day, afternoon, or evening around checking things off the list. Not only will it bond you as you both try new things but the more you experience new things the more you’ll realize how many things you still need to do and try. The single date may turn into a second and third before you know it.

Go undercover

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Ever wanted to test drive a convertible or feel the speed and power behind a Ferrari? Tell your date to get completely dressed up and then head to the most expensive car dealership you can find. Play the part of a wealthy couple looking to purchase a new car and take your favorite cars out for a spin. Not only will you have fun playing an unfamiliar role, but you’ll both get a thrill from cruising around in cars you’d never be able to drive otherwise.

Push forward the clock

Skip the typical hot spots where you’re sure to find other couples in your age group and instead head to the local bingo hall. Although you may be the youngest couple there, you’re sure to be welcomed with open arms and you may find that doing something totally different allows you both to let loose and get silly. Up the ante by making a plan on how you’ll spend any winnings.

Watch the world wake up

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Skip the typical Friday or Saturday night date and plan an early morning extravaganza instead. If there are hiking trails nearby, meet before the sunrise and hike to a spot with a great eastern view. Lay out a blanket, bust out a thermos of coffee, some pastries and enjoy the sunrise. If there is no hiking to be had nearby, opt for the top of a skyscraper or an eastern facing lookout point with great city views.

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