7 Innovative Fitness Brands Helping You Stay In Shape

When thinking about style at the gym, Lulu Lemon-clad women certainly come to mind. But what about great performance gear for men? Cotton t-shirts and old mesh shorts are no longer the norm when it comes to performance and style at the gym. Here, we’ve listed the companies that are rethinking performance technology.

Bone Conduction Technology by Aftershokz


Source: AfterShokz

What’s a good gym session without great music to keep you going? Aftershokz is innovating the world of headphones with its technology behind the Bluez 2 – the only wireless stereo headphones to offer uninhibited situational awareness.

How it works: Using a pair of transducers to power music into your head, one transducer rests on each side of your head, creating vibrations that pass sound off of the surface of your face, which allows the headphones to conduct sound onto the bones of your head. The vibrations sense sound all the way from your cheek bones to your inner ear, allowing sound to reach the cochlea without even using your ear drum.

BamCo Technology by tasc Performance

bamboo technology

Source: tasc Performance

When it comes to great performance clothing and an environmentally-conscious process, tasc Performance is putting bamboo to the test. Based on two years of research, the company uses its exclusive BamCo technology to promote breathability and prevent odor in ways that polyester can’t.

How it Works: Bamboo Performance Technology combines the best of nature with a patent-pending fabric finishing process – BamCo – to release the performance characteristics that inherently exist in the fiber. Benefits include UPF 50+, anti-odor, moisture wicking, 4 way stretch, and no chemicals.

PostureCue Technology by IntelliSkin

Say goodbye to hunched-over shoulders and back pain and hello to better posture. IntelliSkin, a Human Technology company, is enabling more people to stand tall with their PostureCue technology.

How it works: Working as your intelligent second skin, IntelliSkin cues your body’s natural ability to support itself in the most efficient manner by improving posture and alignment. PostureCue Technology signals posture and core muscles to switch on and align your shoulders, spine, and trunk.

3D-Printing Technology by SOLS

Runner fee, walking, exercise

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Any athlete who’s ever searched for the perfect pair of running shoes knows how difficult that search can be. Even with a wide array of options, it can still be impossible to find a shoe that fits you just right. But SOLS technology is changing all that.

How it works: Using images of a consumers foot in different poses, 3D printing technology pulls data points (on an iPad app) to create a custom insole. These custom insoles are designed to align the feet of consumers and to respond to ground reactive forces that may cause injury.

Cooling Technology by SUGOI

Nothing’s worse than overheating when you’re trying to perform at your best. With Sugoi’s intelligent fabric, IceFil, an athlete’s body temperature and moisture management will be regulated. IceFil is designed to react with moisture, working to cool the skin when it comes into contact with your sweat.

How it works: IceFil provides thermal regulation in three ways: it blocks UV radiation, helping to protect the skin and keep it cool; it controls moisture by absorbing sweat and then dispersing it; and it’s treated with Xylitol, which produces a cooling effect when it comes into contact with perspiration.

E-DTS Hybrid Technology by ECCO


Source: ECCO

Having launched the spikeless golf shoe trend, Ecco Golf delivers a golf performance shoe boasting premium support developed by scanning the feet of 2,500 athletes. The ECCO BIOM Hybrid 2 offers superb grip without the need for spikes, along with a silicon-printed insole to prevent slipping.

How it works: E-DTS Hybrid Technology provides 800 traction points and exceptional grip. Constructed from TPU, a highly durable, wear-resistant material, molded traction bars offer hundreds of traction angles for superb grip, resulting in tour-proven traction.

Compression Shorts with Design Innovation by WOLACO

Sometimes, it’s more than brand new technology that merits a great performance product. And in this case, the super sleek design of the North Moore Short by WOLACO (Way of Life Athletic Company) is definitely peaking our interest. More than your standard compression short, this product has been purposefully designed to address modern day deficiencies in fitness apparel for urban-dwelling athletes. A product so great, even New York Giants starting running back, Rashad Jennings, sports the shorts!

How it works: The dual-pocketed compression shorts contain two water resistant pockets that are designed to bring efficiency and security to an active lifestyle. Made from form-fitting material, the pocket also guarantees jostle-free security for your iPhone and valuables. Constructed from a durable nylon/spandex performance blend fabric, with moisture management capabilities, the fabric is a touch heavier than traditional compression undergarments. Additional features include flat-lock stitching throughout the garment for optimal comfort and  signature pockets that are sweat-proof and compressive.

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