7 of the Best Fitness Channels on YouTube

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Everyone wants a leaner, more toned physique, but unless you know what you’re doing or have a solid routine in place, showing up at the gym can be daunting. A personal trainer or joining regular fitness classes can help but the cost isn’t always realistic. Luckily in the Internet age, you don’t have to hire a trainer or even leave your house to access fitness gurus and professional trainers. There are hundreds of YouTube workout channels with people who have built their career around helping people like you reach their desired level of fitness. Work out at home or take the YouTube fitness tips and routines with you to the gym.

Rather than spending hours on a trial and error method, The Cheat Sheet has compiled some of the best fitness channels on YouTube (in no particular order) so you can lift your way to bigger arms or crunch your way to a six-pack. Pick your poison and get ready to sweat.

1. Six Pack Shortcuts

If you’re looking to burn away your gut and unveil cut abs, this is the channel for you. The trainer, Mike, will not only give you the core workout of your life in one of his home workout videos, but you’ll learn about the reason behind the exercises he has you do and how they impact your body. He also has motivational videos that will encourage you to eat better, workout more, and stay on track to get in better shape.

2. BeFit

If you’re brand new to the idea of working out, this channel is perfect for you. They have both male and female trainers and have tons of variety including dance workouts, mobile workouts, quick 10-minute workouts, yoga, and abdominal focused videos.

3. CT Fletcher Motivation

If you want motivation to get big, bulky, and ripped this trainer is the guy for you. CT Fletcher gives lots of tips, advice, and plenty of hard-core motivation to get you pushing yourself harder than you thought possible.

4. Twin Muscle Workout

With new videos every Tuesday through Sunday, this YouTube channel is not one to miss. The trainers, Keith and Kevin Hodge, are twins who not only post great workouts, but also post food challenges, cooking videos, and relationship advice, all in a comedic way. Have an unanswered question? They’ll answer fan mail and fitness questions on the channel.

5. Scott Herman Fitness

This guy is all about maxing out, gaining muscle, and building strength. He offers series like the 12-week transformation challenge and offers advice videos, nutrition tips, and tricks to save energy at the gym.

6. OfficialBarstarzz

For all you non-gym goers this is the channel for you. Its workouts leave out barbells and weight machines and give you killer workouts through creative bodyweight movements. Go to the park or your local playground and get ready to get ripped.

7. Kali Muscle

If you’re in a slump and need some motivation, Kali is the man for you. He decided to change his life (and bulk up, majorly) while in prison. His unique perspective gives plenty of tips on working out with limited equipment and he’s got lots of high-calorie meal recipes and low-cost cooking ideas.

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