7 Surprising Places Where You Can Meet Women

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Instead of trolling online dating sites, get out there and meet someone already. Meeting women at typical places, such as bars, clubs, or parties, or at work or school is an option, but where can you go and what can you do to make yourself stand out? It’s time to explore uncharted waters you may have previously overlooked. It’s hard to meet women, but then again, it’s so easy — you just have to put yourself out there in the right atmosphere, perhaps in one of these places, but try not to spill this coveted secret. You should get dibs first.

To paraphrase comedian Jerry Seinfeld about women wanting to meet men (don’t worry, it applies to men as well): They’re everywhere but we complain that we don’t know how to meet them and where to meet them. Follow Seinfeld’s lead, and get out there and meet someone. You may find the love of your life in the most surprising places.

1. The DMV

This is one of the most frustrating places on the planet and one of the best places to share in misery with a hot girl. Tread carefully, though, she way want to rip your face off initially, out of frustration, of course. Once you break the ice, you both will definitely bond over your DMV woes, which just might make the wait worth it.

2. Airplanes

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If you’re lucky enough to sit next to a beautiful woman on a plane, then congratulations, you hit the lottery. Hopefully she’s single, and if she is, then you’re in the best spot imaginable. Whether this girl is sitting next to you or near you, break the ice with some airplane chit chat, but be aware — if the conversation goes south, there’s really nowhere for you to go. It could quickly become the most awkward eight hours (or however long your flight is) of your life.

3. Department stores

Hey guys! Have you seen the movie Serendipity? John Cusack met Kate Beckinsale at a department store. Women love to shop, so there will be no shortage of women around, but go to a store that has both men and women’s clothing. You don’t want to be that creep who goes sneaking around Victoria’s Secret. It’s as easy as going up to a woman and asking her opinion on a shirt or something you intend to buy. Bonus points to you if you already have great taste in clothes.

4. Sporting events

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If you’re a guy who loves sports, because so many of you do, and you’re looking for a woman who also loves your sport of choice, or who at least doesn’t mind being dragged to a game, then you’ve come to the right place. Hopefully she likes your team but you can deal with it either way — that might even be a better conversation starter. You can literally meet women everywhere in the stadium. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to snag a cheerleader.

5. Hooters

Men go to Hooters for… the wings, of course. Normally, meeting a woman at a place that is filled with guys doesn’t sound like the greatest idea, but think again. Sure the women get hit on a lot at Hooters, but many of the guys hitting on them are major creeps. That’s why this is a great in for you. Swoop in and save her from the other guys by being protective of her — you know, the boyfriend-material type of guy. Not only will you get noticed by this lovely lady but you’re sure to at least get a conversation in. Or a thank you. And then hopefully a date.

6. In line for the bathroom at a festival (or anywhere where there are co-ed bathrooms)

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Again, another case of shared misery and bonding over said misery. If you’re lucky enough to stand with a hot girl in line for the bathroom at a festival, concert, or anywhere where there are shared bathrooms, try and ignore your having to use the bathroom (the best you can) and strike up a conversation about the place where you are and the music you both have come to listen to.

7. The supermarket

The start of any great romantic comedy, right? Also the beginning of a beautiful romance. “We met in the cheese aisle” rings of “where we first met” couple stories. Maybe you’ll have some luck in the produce section.

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