7 Workouts That Will Keep You in Shape This Winter

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No matter how dedicated you are to your physical health, the winter season can throw off your fitness routine. It gets darker earlier, it’s freezing, and your motivation to do anything but sit in bed with Netflix is at an all-time low.

Getting in the right mindset during the winter is the key to success. The more you push yourself, forget about the couch, and man up, the more you will get into the habit of working out just as hard as you do during the summer. Think of it this way: Winter is the ultimate preparation for your summer bod goals.

We’ve rounded up some workouts that will completely transform your routine, so get your gloves, your hat, and pretty much any layer you have to prep for these amazing winter workouts. Tip: Hooking yourself up with new gear will keep you motivated.

1. Ski or snowboard

This seems obvious, but bundle up and go skiing or snowboarding. Even if you don’t know how, make a weekend out of learning with some of your buddies. Not only is this a great excuse for a guys’ weekend (complete with boozy meals between runs), but skiing and snowboarding are also killer workouts. Six hours of skiing can burn up to 3,000 calories and even tone your stomach.

2. Man up and go for a run

Running in the snow is both mentally and physically challenging. You may find that running in the snow (regardless of how deep) is so taxing that you can’t go as far as you would in the summer. Yet, there’s something about running in the cold that makes you feel refreshed and accomplished. If you pile on the layers, you will be more inclined to get out there. Invest in trail running shoes and head outside. The more snow, the more calories burned!

3. Try something new, like CrossFit or Bootcamp

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A new CrossFit gym just opened in your neighborhood? Go check it out! Winter is the perfect time to switch things up and try classes you normally wouldn’t. Take advantage of indoor classes now, so you won’t waste your beautiful summer days inside. Keeping yourself busy so you don’t become bored is key during these few months — and workout-specific gyms help with this. Who knows, you may even meet a new someone at the gym.

4. Get a yoga membership

Yoga is not just for women in tight clothing, and it is just as beneficial for men. During the wintertime, depression and general unhappiness increases, in part because we don’t move enough and we focus our attention on negative things. Think about it: Winter is the time where people complain the most, which is only hurting our mental focus. Doing yoga will improve your mental abilities and lift you out of depression. In addition, yoga helps by improving flexibility and stability for your other workout routines. Yoga may even boost your performance in the bedroom. On board yet?

5. Living room workouts

Do you have zero motivation to head outside or even to your car to go to the gym and work out? No worries. Put on your favorite Netflix show and do workouts in your living room. Complete a high-intensity interval training routine to keep yourself moving.

  • 20 squats
  • 20 lunges
  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 50 mountain climbers
  • 15 pushups
  • 20 high knees

Repeat this two or three times, or until you feel like you’ve had a sufficient workout. Trust us, you’ll be sweating in no time.

6. Get between the sheets

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No, seriously. Men burn about 100 calories during one sex session, according to a study reported by Men’s Fitness. And while you are stuck indoors, get between the sheets as much as you can. Sex is a great workout for your butt and thighs and is probably the most pleasurable workout on this list ever.

7. Set some goals and hit the gym

You don’t have to intensely work out every single day, but setting weekly goals for your gym sessions will help pique your interest and force you to work towards one big goal. For example, map out your exercises on a fitness-focus app, and complete the exercises each day. Hitting the gym with a friend is also motivating.

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