8 Fun Date Ideas to Try This Spring

couple on a date night

Couple enjoying a date night | Source: iStock

Spring is a wonderful time to get out and enjoy the fresh air. And what could be better than getting out and enjoying it with someone you have feelings for? If you’re looking for fun date ideas, The Cheat Sheet has you covered. Here are eight great ideas to try this spring.

1. Take a stroll through your local farmer’s market

Spring’s arrival means that outdoor farmer’s markets are back, which makes for a wonderful spring date idea on a Sunday afternoon. Picture this: It’s beautiful outside, you’re surrounded by fresh food, and you’re soaking up the sunshine with your special someone. The ultimate surprise for your date will be when they figure out that you’re going to use the fresh ingredients to cook a meal for them.

2. Visit a theme park

Taking your date to a theme park is a fun way to spend a spring day. The great thing about theme parks is that they’re boredom proof, meaning that you’ll both have a blast acting silly and pretending you’re kids again. You’ll also get to witness your date’s vulnerability while the two of you are on a terrifying ride together. Even if it ends up not working out between the two of you, you’ll never forget the fun you had together.

3. Sit outdoors at your favorite restaurant

a group of people at a restaurant eating

A couple sitting at a restaurant | Source: Thinkstock

What could be better than sitting outdoors on a beautiful day and enjoying a fantastic meal? Now is the time to take your date to a nice brunch or even dinner at your favorite spot. Sit under the sun before summer rolls around and it gets too hot to do so. Looking for some ideas? Here are a few of the best date restaurants in the U.S.

4. Go to a baseball game

Baseball: Another excuse to sit outdoors and enjoy spring weather. It’s definitely a plus if your date loves baseball, but even if he or she doesn’t, there is something incredibly fun about being in the ball park and soaking up the fun atmosphere. Plus, there’s always hot dogs and beer. Check Groupon, Living Social, or even Stub Hub for reasonably priced tickets.

5. A beer garden

A beer garden is typically an outdoor area where beer and local food are served — with some music and games and enjoyed in a fun atmosphere. It’s a place where you can sip on unique craft beers while enjoying gorgeous scenery and getting to know each other. Sounds like a pretty perfect date.

6. Take them on a picnic

Happy Indian couple in park

A couple enjoying a date in the park | Source: iStock

This is a great way to show off your culinary and planning skills, which your date is sure to find immensely attractive. Plus, a lot of parks have grills that you can use if you prefer to show off your grilling expertise. If you really want to make things interesting, you can try choosing a delicacy theme for your picnic meal, like Latin cuisine or classic Italian. It’s really hard to go wrong with a classic picnic in the park.

7. An outdoor movie

Check if your local park or community hosts outdoor movie nights when the weather gets warmer. Added bonus: If it gets a little chilly as the evening progresses, you have the perfect excuse to cuddle with your partner to keep them warm — don’t forget a blanket!

8. Take them to a miniature golf course

Another great outdoor date idea is going to a classic mini golf course. Have fun outdoors while soaking up the sun and sinking a few holes at your nearest Putt-Putt. Plus, if your date is not too graceful with a golf club, you can help them improve their swing.

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