8 Strange Fitness Trends That Were Popular in 2015

Although 2015 may be coming to an end, there are many out-of-the-box fitness trends we shouldn’t forget about in the new year. No we aren’t talking about the intense but fun workouts, such as SoulCycle or even kickboxing, we’re talking indoor surfing, backward running, or extreme yoga. If you’re looking for a few fun workout ideas, get inspired with some of 2015’s most unique fitness trends.

1. Indoor surfing



The title is a little misleading because the indoor surfing workout requires no water, no bathing suit, and no sand. Basically, you workout on top of a surfboard in a normal workout room. Yet this workout challenges your balance and core muscles and can burn up to 800 calories per hour. Surfset mimics what it would be like on top of an actual surfboard, but you don’t actually learn how to surf. You utilize your core muscles, resistance, cardio, and strength during a full class. Studios are currently in Maryland, Houston, San Francisco, Canada, India, and Singapore.

2. Dance like Beyonce

Seen on Screen fitness is the U.K.’s hottest dance class, where you can learn to dance like Britney Spears and Beyonce. Essentially, dancers of all levels choose a class to best fit their skill level and then learn the routines to hit singles from their favorite pop stars, but unless you live in the U.K., the best you can do is a video tutorial.

3. Hot Barre

Hot Barre is very similar to Bikram (hot) yoga but replace yoga with barre. Barre is a workout in itself; you focus on pilates, yoga, ballet, weight, and interval moves which is hard enough without the 95 degree temperature. This is a bit crazy when it comes to an intense workout.

4. Mud Running

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Many people love to run in mud races, such as Dirty Girl Mud Run or I Mud Run. Mud is extremely difficult to run in and requires a lot more physical endurance and mental strength to complete it successfully. All the power to you if you love this sort of thing!

5. Extreme yoga

Although extreme yoga isn’t your classic 6 p.m. studio workout and more of an Instagram trend, it still can be pretty dangerous. Many Instagrams show people doing yoga poses on cliffs, the edge of skyscrapers or in other areas in which one false move and you’re dead.

6. Backward running

It is believed that backward running burns more calories than forward running and has less of an impact on your joints than forward running. Just watch out for walls… and people… and stairs.

7. Doga

dog, yoga

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Wish this was a joke, too. Doga is yoga with your dog. The dogs come with you to yoga class and can be used as props, just sit and enjoy the class and even perform a few stretches of their own. Can’t find a Doga studio around you? Try some Doga poses at home!

8. Punk Rope

Touted as a cross between “recess and boot camp,” Punk Rope is a new workout that relies on rope jumping and challenging, yet creative, conditioning that is accompanied by “raise the roof” music. Right now, classes are held in seven states and Europe. Punk Rope definitely would be a great workout, even if it isn’t your first choice.

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