8 Things That Could Be Causing You Stress

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These days, almost everyone is a victim of stress. Most of us are aware of big things that trigger stress, but sometimes our everyday habits may also be adding to our anxiety level. Fortunately, there are many ways to lessen your stress levels. Mayo Clinic suggests looking at things with a positive attitude. Other healthy habits, such as getting a good night’s sleep, eating healthy, and exercising, may also help with stress management.

But before you can minimize your stress, you need to know what’s causing it. We’ve compiled a list of eight stressors that you may not even realize are causing you to panic on a daily basis.

1. Getting bombarded with projects

Handling projects is a normal part of both home and work life, and many of us long ago figured out the best way to handle them without freaking out. But when your boss, co-workers, family, or significant other needs help with a pressing matter, your coping mechanisms might fly out the window. When a pressing deadline comes calling, it’s important (as hard as it may be) to not stress. Just remember: You can handle this — you have before, and you can again.

Figure out what projects, favors, and responsibilities are priority, and tackle those first. Also keep in mind that you are not superman, and it’s OK to ask for help if you feel like you absolutely cannot handle your workload. Sometimes taking just 10 minutes to figure everything out can help dramatically. You can also try managing your priorities and this kind of stress by learning how to say no.

2. Posting too much on social media

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Many of us are guilty of oversharing on social media, but did you know it may be causing some of your stress? When you scroll through Facebook, you are constantly comparing yourself to others, and after a while, it can really start to hurt your self-esteem. Stephanie Mansour, a certified lifestyle coach, told Healthline that we end up stewing in anxiety when we use Facebook too much because we start to determine our self-worth and happiness based on what’s happening in our friend’s lives. If this is something that’s adding to your stress, it’s best to start drawing healthy boundaries for yourself. Try skimming Facebook for just a few minutes a day, and see how you feel.

 3. Worrying about money you’ve already spent

It is never a good idea to dwell on the past, especially since there is really not much you can do about money you already spent. What’s spent is already spent — rather than dwelling on it, U.S. News & World Report recommends learning from your money mistakes to prevent it from happening again.

4. Not eating enough

Not eating leaves you hangry and stressed. Maybe you forgot to eat because you were so busy, or you’re actively trying to lose weight. While there is nothing wrong with trying to shed a few pounds to better your health, The Huffington Post notes that eating too few calories will leave you feeling irritable and moody. Your body will start craving things, resulting in stressful chemicals being released into your system, which then prevents you from feeling emotionally balanced. Instead of cutting back on food, just make healthier food choices. Complex carbs, whole grains, and fiber-rich foods will prevent you from overeating later.

5. Too much loud noise

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Surrounding environmental noise can harm your health by messing up your sleep cycles and causing indigestion. To help out with this stressor, try sleeping with earbuds in to block out noise.

6. Not laughing enough

Laughter is the best medicine for everything. Always try to find the humor in situations, even if you feel like you want to rip your hair out. Laughing is one of the quickest ways to feel relaxed in a stressful situation. Interestingly, it is also considered to be a medical treatment now, according to Psychology Today. It’s used to reduce inflammation and decrease pain. Laughing instantly floods your system with more endorphins and dopamine, two hormones known to combat stress. Who doesn’t feel better after a good laugh? Go look at something funny, and you’ll instantly feel a little bit better.

7. Always running late

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Being late throws your whole day into a tailspin and can seriously affect your career goals. This all equates to having a stressful day, and it’s 100% avoidable. Don’t hit your snooze button in the morning, and get everything ready for work the night before. Planning ahead is key.

8. Procrastinating

“Why do something today when you can put it off until tomorrow?” If you live by this motto, it may be causing you a ton of stress. Pushing back your responsibilities is directly linked to stress, according to the Association for Psychological Science. When you prevent yourself from getting a task done, your brain will continue to nag at you to get it finished.

Soothe your mind by coming up with a system that helps you complete the most important stuff first. It’s going to take some time, but prioritizing things will help you put an end to procrastination.

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