9 Holiday Gifts Your Partner Will Love

Holiday Gift Guide Revised

Picking out presents for anyone is difficult. But for your significant other? Consider it Mission: Impossible. Sure, your relationship is based on a foundation far more precious than materialistic things; however, every boyfriend wants to secure a gift that will make his beau love him even more. Beware, dear reader: From sizing to personal taste, there are so many ways one present can go so, so wrong. We want your relationship to succeed, and for you to have many more mushy holidays with your partner. Whether you’ve been together for decades or have those big three words rolling off your tongue for the first time, these easy, stylish options are perfect for any type of lover.

1. Tell him or her how you really feel with this book

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Long ago, before the age of text messages and Tinder, smitten men would express their feelings for their significant others in perfectly crafted love letters. But in 2015, you may find yourself unable to say just how you feel without a hint of sarcasm or cleverly inserted emojis.

This season, get your partner a book that has all the sweet nothings you feel but can’t put into words. Featuring great men from Winston Churchill to Mark Twain, this pick is equal parts thoughtful and affordable. Give this gift a romantic twist by marking the letters that remind you of your beau.






2. Cherish those Kodak moments

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Across the globe, guys are thankful for their partners for a million reasons: They make you laugh, always ask you how your day is going, and sometimes are so selfless that they 0ffer t0 take on the heaping pile of laundry. But most importantly, they are that special person you can experience life with, whether it’s binge-watching Master of None or backpacking through Europe. A cute way to say thank you for the memories is by compiling your favorite Kodak moments (so far) in a sleek photo album. This pick from Barneys New York comes in a luxe leather and the neutral hue will work with any coffee table or bookshelf. Be sure to pick up a thick photo album so you have room to add new memories for the years to come.

3. Because diamonds are so predictable

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As anyone who’s ever seen a Kay Jewelers commercial knows, gems of all varieties are very typical presents a guy gifts his partner. But after years of buying gorgeous necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, where is she supposed to put them? Instead of gifting the predictable, opt for a fancy trinket box your love can store all her diamonds, rubies, and sapphires in. If your sweetie has a more feminine taste, this pick from Aerin will be right up his or her alley. The embossed exterior will look pretty on any vanity table while the smooth suede interior will help combat any unwanted scratches. With this present, your significant other will think of you even when they are sporting a necklace you didn’t gift.

4.Travel the world with your babe

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Telltale signs of a stable and lasting relationship: Making each other laugh, having unwavering trust, and (perhaps the most powerful) traveling together without driving each other crazy. For the couple who loves to see the world together, this gift doubles as a vacation necessity. Though passport cases are available at a range of price points, splurge on a luxe one for your special someone to show them that like this case, you (and your fun travels) aren’t going anywhere. We don’t mean to play favorites, but is one from Smythson is pretty major. Not only will the embossed leather give you loads of boyfriend points, but the neutral hue will match with any luggage set.

5. Smooth kisses with a chic shave kit

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No lover’s gift guide would be complete without addressing what to get a modern man’s boyfriend. Picking out a new sweater for your beau may be easy since you’re familiar with menswear sizing; however, we urge you to think outside of the box and get your man a gift he would never get for himself. This shaving kit from Dr. Harris & Co. is perfect for the special guy in your life who treasures his grooming regime just as much as he treasures you. The four-piece set features a brush with about 14,000 bristles, a razor with a Mach 3 blade, a chrome lathering bowl, and brush stand. The result? A smooth face that’s perfect for smooching.

6. Binge-watching magic with your beau

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Even couples who love spending nights trying the newest bars and restaurants will admit that some evenings are best spent snuggling up for a movie marathon. Whether you and beau are homebodies or rarely have those chill nights in, a box set of your love’s favorite television or movie series is an easy win. Whether he or she watches them solo or in your arms, you know your partner will think of you every time they hit play. Or, if you’re unable to find your special someone’s  favorite flicks, pick up a box set neither of you have ever seen  a great thing to do during those blizzardy nights.

7. Treat your bed buddy to a chic sleep

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Hanky panky aside, you and your partner spend a lot of time in bed: Snoozing, cuddling, catching up on Empire together. While gifting the love of your life with bedding is a little unconventional (and not the sexiest), consider this upscale set a gift for both of you. While we can’t back this up with science just yet, we have a sneaking suspicion that this dreamy cotton sateen fabric will guarantee the best sleep yet. And this angelic white hue will blend in nicely with any boudoir.

8. Be your sweetheart’s Mr. Big


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Any girl  especially Cinderella and Carrie Bradshaw  can tell you that shoes have the magical ability of changing one’s life. If your lady has extraordinary taste, treating her to a pair of high-end shoes will make you as adored as Prince Charming himself (or Sex and the City‘s Mr. Big). Attention all womenswear newbies: Feast your eyes on Manolo Blahnik’s BB pumps. The silhouette is unanimously adored, and can be worn to both the office or date night. Plus, a neutral hue like this black colorway makes these a pair she will covet forever. And before you start stressing out over how you’ll figure out her shoe size, simply swipe her size from any pair of shoes she already has and use Zappos’s handy conversion chart for reference.

9. Give your beau the gift that keeps on giving

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Who said the giving spirit needs to stop immediately after you dismantle your tree and enter the new year? For the guy who wants to treat his partner to surprises throughout the year, this mushy coupon book is sure to do the trick. Before you give it to your love, fill out all the pages with mushy gestures: Romantic dates, road trip ideas, and maybe even a sensual massage or two. Whether this is your first holiday together or you two boast an expansive family, this will be a gift your significant other will adore.

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