The Absolute Worst and Best McDonald’s Breakfasts You Can Order, Ranked

Sometimes, convenience outweighs health, and you find yourself sitting at the McDonald’s drive thru debating whether or not to get your breakfast sandwich on a biscuit or an English muffin. If, by this point, you’ve already given up on eating a healthy breakfast, don’t fret. There are actually a few McDonald’s options that will satisfy for your hunger without ruining your diet.

With that said, there are also some McDonald’s options that you definitely want to steer clear from if you’re trying to keep your calorie count in check. We’ve ranked the healthiest and unhealthiest McDonald’s breakfasts for you, to make deciding your order a little bit easier.

Here’s what we looked for

A McDonald's sign seen on a clear blue day.

Stopping by McDonald’s for breakfast? Here’s what you should know. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Calories, fat, and sodium were the three main nutrition elements we looked at to determine the best and worst options for consumers. If the fat content was high but the saturated fat content was low, an item might have ranked higher than a different, lower-fat option. Items with high sodium counts were almost unanimously put on the “worst” list, with the exception of a couple of items that offered a low calorie and fat content.

Next: Here are the top five healthiest McDonald’s breakfasts. 

5. Sausage burrito

A sausage burrito on a black tray.

Something you can munch on during busy mornings. | McDonald’s

Calories: 290
Fat: 15 grams
Sodium: 800

Although this burrito has 800 grams of sodium, it’s a filling, low-calorie option. It ranks at the bottom of our “healthiest” list because of its fat and sodium content. However, if you’re focused on counting calories, this is not a bad choice.

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4. Egg white delight McMuffin

An egg white breakfast sandwich.

Your best option for staying on track with your health goals. | McDonald’s

Calories: 260
Fat: 8 grams
Sodium: 750 milligrams

This option also has a little too much sodium, but its low calorie and fat contents keep it on the list. Plus, egg whites also mean you’re cutting out cholesterol. It has a decent amount of calcium, and it’s enough to keep you full for a while.

Next: You’ll be glad to know this favorite made the list. 

3. Hash browns

Hash browns on a white background.

This popular side dish isn’t that bad an option. | McDonald’s

Calories: 150
Fat: 9 grams
Sodium: 320 milligrams

Hash browns are the perfect option when you’re on the go. Plus, McDonald’s hash browns are only 150 calories and one of the lower sodium options on the breakfast menu. They do have nine grams of fat but only 1.5 grams of saturated fat.

Next: This healthy option will keep you full until lunch. 

2. Fruit and maple oatmeal

Oatmeal and fruit in a black bowl.

Grab this on your way to work. | McDonald’s

Calories: 260
Fat: 4 grams
Sodium: 140 milligrams

It’s hard to go wrong with oatmeal. This McDonald’s oatmeal is full of vitamin C. Plus, it has hardly any fat, sodium, or calories. It might be a little tough to eat this on the go, but it’s definitely a filling, healthy option.

Next: This breakfast easily takes the No. 1 spot. 

1. Fruit ‘N yogurt parfait

Fruit ‘N yogurt parfait.

This sweet option is your best bet. | McDonald’s

Calories: 150
Fat: 2 grams
Sodium: 75 milligrams

This yogurt parfait takes the top spot for healthiest McDonald’s breakfast. With only two grams of fat and just 75 milligrams of sodium, it’s impossible to argue with this option. Plus, it has a good amount of vitamin C and calcium, and it’s packed with fresh fruit.

Next: This filling meal is anything but healthy. 

9. Bacon, egg and cheese biscuit

Breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg and cheese.

Looks good, but is packed with tons of calories and fat. | McDonad’s

Calories: 450
Fat: 24 grams
Sodium: 1,290 milligrams

Anything on a biscuit is bound to be unhealthy. While it might taste delicious, biscuits are full of fat and carbs. Plus, bacon is a greasy topping that only adds to this sandwich’s unhealthy content. This option also has 200 milligrams of cholesterol — about two thirds of a day’s worth.

Next: If you order your sandwich on this, it probably won’t be healthy. 

8. Bacon, egg & cheese bagel

Bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel.

This bagel sandwich is filled with cholesterol. | McDonald’s

Calories: 550
Fat: 25 grams
Sodium: 1,260 milligrams

This option has 11 grams of saturated fat — more than half the daily recommended amount. That’s the case for sodium, too. Plus, it’s loaded with carbs (as is any bagel) and 75% of your day’s cholesterol.

Next: Just because it says ‘egg whites’ doesn’t mean it’s healthy enough to eat. 

7. Bacon, egg & cheese bagel with egg whites

Egg whites and egg yolks in a clear bowl.

Switching to egg whites won’t help a fattening bagel sandwich filled with bacon and cheese. | Svehlik/iStock/Getty Images

Calories: 570
Fat: 25 grams
Sodium: 1,480

Getting this sandwich with egg white won’t save you from much. While it does cut the cholesterol down from 225 milligrams to 60 milligrams, it doesn’t do much for calories, fat, or sodium. In fact, this option has even more calories and sodium than the “less healthy” option with regular eggs. Yikes.

Next: This sandwich option is far more unhealthy than ordering it on a regular English muffin. 

6. Sausage biscuit with egg

Sausage sandwich with egg and sausage.

You’d be starting your morning in an unhealthy way. | McDonald’s

Calories: 530
Fat: 34 grams
Sodium: 1,140 milligrams

You probably don’t want to start off your day with 34 grams of fat. Plus, eating a meal with all that sodium will definitely put some extra strain on your heart. Yes, biscuits are delicious, but there are plenty of healthier options at the drive thru.

Next: This option has one of the highest sodium counts on the list. 

5. Steak, egg & cheese biscuit

Steak, eggs and cheese on a biscuit.

Don’t waste your time or money on this fattening sandwich. | McDonald’s

Calories: 530
Fat: 30 grams
Sodium: 1,490 milligrams

This option has four grams of fat less than the previous option. However, its sodium content makes it a little less healthy. The American Heart Association says you only need 1,500 milligrams of sodium per day. This could be a good choice — if you don’t eat anything else for 24 hours.

Next: This might sound delicious, but it definitely isn’t healthy. 

4. Sausage, egg & cheese McGriddles

A McGriddle sandwich on a black table.

You might want to rethink ordering this sandwich.| McDonald’s

Calories: 550
Fat: 32 grams
Sodium: 1,280 milligrams

Even the word “McGriddles” sounds enticing. However, if you care about your health, you’ll steer clear of this choice. It has 13 grams of saturated fat, which is nearly two thirds of what you need in a day. Plus, its cholesterol content is through the roof. With that much fat and sodium, you won’t do your body any good.

Next: With 35 grams of fat, it’s best to avoid this one. 

3. Steak, egg & cheese bagel

Bagel, cheese and steak sandwich on a white napkin.

Bagel, steak and cheese don’t make for a nourishing breakfast. | Violettenlandungoy/Getty Images

Calories: 670
Fat: 35 grams
Sodium: 1,510 milligrams

Steak might sound delicious, but everything about this sandwich is bad for your health. More than an entire day’s worth of sodium is packed into this one small sandwich. Plus, it boasts more calories than anyone needs at breakfast.

Next: This big breakfast is a big no no. 

2. The big breakfast

Big breakfast platter on a black table.

It may be convenient, but this breakfast is terrible for your heart. | McDonald’s

Calories: 750
Fat: 49 grams
Sodium: 1,490 milligrams

If the 49 grams of fat doesn’t make you run away, then maybe the high calorie and sodium contents will. Plus, this breakfast has a day and a half’s worth of cholesterol (your heart is crying just thinking about it). Even if you split it between two people, it would still amount to much more than you need.

Next: This even bigger breakfast is an even bigger no no. 

1. The big breakfast with hotcakes

McDonald's breakfast platter.

Perhaps the most fattening and risky option on the menu! | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Calories: 1,350
Fat: 65 grams
Sodium: 2,100 milligrams

Not much can be said to defend this option. Even when split between two people, you’re still consuming 32.5 grams of fat each. This breakfast also somehow manages to contain 48 grams of sugar. You’re much, much better off skipping this one and opting for that yogurt parfait.

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