The Absolute Worst Relationship Advice You Should Never Believe

There’s a ton of bad relationship advice out there. Taking the wrong advice could drive a wedge between you and your partner or even destroy your relationship. So, what should you do when you need reliable input? We’re glad you asked. The Cheat Sheet sat down with Adam LoDolce, relationship expert and founder of Sexy Confidence. With more than 40 million YouTube viewers, and thousand of readers, we knew he was the right one to answer our questions.

Here’s the absolute worst relationship advice you should never believe, and some tips for finding the one.

How to spot bad relationship advice

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The Cheat Sheet: How can you spot bad relationship advice?

Adam LoDolce: There’s a ton of it on the internet, and I think the key is to look at the person who is giving the advice. Look at their background and their credentials. Are people actually following their advice? Do they have a big following? Chance are, if they have a big following, and people are engaged and have been getting a lot of results from it, then sure, follow the advice and see if it works for you.

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These are the people you should never take advice from

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The Cheat Sheet: Who should you never take relationship advice from?

Adam LoDolce: I think that you shouldn’t take relationship advice from your other single girl friends or guy friends. Usually single people have a lot of advice to give but many times that advice isn’t useful because it hasn’t worked very well for them.

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The worst relationship advice you should ignore

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The Cheat Sheet: What is one of the worst pieces of relationship advice you’ve ever heard?

Adam LoDolce: I would argue that the advice “love will just come to you when you least expect it,” is bad advice because it takes the ownership off you to go out there and find it. A lot of relationship advice I give is all about being proactive and pushing yourself to get out there and meet new people, be extremely social, and go make it happen for yourself. I think this idea that you can just sit back and wait, and love will come find you, is not very useful and it drives bad behavior.

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A better way to approach this issue

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The Cheat Sheet: What’s a better way to approach the challenge of meeting the right people?

Adam LoDolce: Go out and be extremely social. It doesn’t mean you’ll find a relationship in the next two weeks, the next month, or even the next year, but it helps to go out and meet lots of people. I had my clients keep track of how many people they were meeting each and every month.

Usually when I start working with someone, when I used to do my private coaching, people would look back on their social life and realize they had only met two to three new people in the past month. And once they started working with me, we set a goal to meet at least 10 to 20 new people every single month who fit the type of person they’re looking for. And they can be short conversations or long conversations, or they could be an online date, but it’s critical to get out there and make that happen.

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How to get solid relationship advice

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The Cheat Sheet: What tips can you offer our readers on how to get solid relationship advice?

Adam LoDolce: Find the experts in the field who are doing well. At, we have a ton of advice, both free and premium. It’s a great place to check out. But also find other relationship experts and coaches. Find people who have experience working with people—they could be authors, speakers, and have lectured. Find people who have that type of experience and credentials.

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Relationship red flags

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Once you’ve met someone you’re interested in, it’s important to keep your eyes wide open. Pay attention to relationship red flags that might pop up. Remaining aware of how the other person interacts with you could save you years of heartache. Notice things like lying, addictions, severe financial trouble, and physically or emotionally abusive behavior.

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Finding love that lasts

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If you haven’t found the one yet, don’t despair. Finding true love takes time and effort. The last thing you want to do is rush into a relationship, only to discover you’ve wasted precious time with someone who is incompatible or doesn’t have your best interest in mind. The best way to ensure a fruitful search is to start with yourself. Work on any personal issues that might be holding you back from having a healthy relationship. From there, you’ll be in a much better place to begin your search. When two emotionally healthy and compatible people come together, anything is possible.

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