Adventure: Are You Living Life to the Fullest?

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Guys have been conditioned to stay within our comfort zones, but this space doesn’t offer the challenges and responsibilities that make us feel like men. We’ve been plied with video games, cheap entertainment, and booze, but none of the creature comforts can satisfy our need to be relevant and to make a difference in the lives of others.

Men in our culture are no longer content settling for comfort. But after playing it safe, how do we break away from comfort to live boldly and feel like men? We’ve already covered a few great ways for you to become more adventurous. Now we’re back with two more strategies for living life to the fullest.

Ride the wave

Vulnerability is a character trait that will make you a better person. Think of it like surfing: One of the most vulnerable spots a man can be is in the middle of the long barrel of a wave; one wrong move and he’s got serious problems. But if the surfer was invulnerable — not even trying to put himself out there and surf the wave — he could never achieve the glory of surfing the barrel.

The willingness to be vulnerable and the courage to pick himself up after a fall is what motivates a surfer to succeed. One thing is for sure: The best surfers are the ones who have fallen and gotten back up many times.

Whether your wave is dancing, rock climbing, talking to someone you’re interested in, learning a new language, or taking on responsibilities at work, it’s important to risk the fall. Make a habit of putting yourself in uncomfortable situations that test your knowledge and skill, and it will send life and masculinity surging through your veins.

Adopt a learner’s attitude

Someone who lacks confidence in their ability to learn from mistakes will be hesitant to try new or difficult things. But one of the greatest feelings for a man is to make a connection after failing several times in the process. They can build confidence in their ability to learn.

Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can or can’t, you are right.” If a lack of confidence in your ability to learn has kept from you from moving forward in life, remember Henry Ford’s quote. Your ability to learn is limited by nothing more than your belief in yourself.

If you think you are limited by genetics or the size of your brain, check this out. A student from Sheffield University — who graduated with honors in mathematics — had a rare condition where his brain was shrunk down to 1/10th the size of most normal people, yet he had an IQ of 126 and was highly functioning in every area of his life. Conversely, there are many people with astounding sums of gray matter who accomplish remarkably little because of their limiting beliefs.

If you can reprogram your belief system to include an unlimited aptitude for learning, you will have confidence to do better next time after learning from an experience. Rob Williams, creator of PSYCH-K, has developed an incredible program for reprogramming your limiting beliefs. Regardless, it all begins with the choices you make.

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