After Being Called ‘Trash’ SNL’s Pete Davidson Defends His Engagement to Ariana Grande

Just because you struggle with mental illness doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be in a happy relationship.

That’s what Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson said in response to being called “trash” for dating singer Ariana Grande, Yahoo reports. The comment clearly rattled the comedian as he took to Instagram to defend his relationship and educate the public. Now that the couple officially announced their engagement, the comment he dropped (page 5) toward the end of his message should be a wake-up call to anyone attacking someone for having a mental illness.

Read on to see the wildest thing Davidson has done for Grande so far (page 8).

1. Twitterverse sort of freaked out when it got the news

A fan’s reaction to Ariana Grande dating Pete Davidson | Ches via Twitter

Grande was dating rapper Mac Miller. And Davidson was in a relationship with comedian Larry David’s daughter, Cazzie David. However, rumors flew in mid-May that Grande and Davidson broke up with their significant others and started dating.


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2. Some bemoaned they were passed over for Grande

A Pete Davidson fan’s tweet | maddy via Twitter

Not everyone called Davidson out for dating Grande. In fact, some bummed out fans wanted to date him first. “Honestly extremely disappointed that Pete Davidson moved on to Ariana Grande without meeting me first,” one Twitter user posted.

Another fan tweeted: “I’m really sad Pete Davidson is dating Ariana Grande because that means he’s still not dating me.”

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3. Grande’s fans flipped out (but not in a good way)

Ariana Grande and her dog Toulouse

Her fans haven’t exactly been happy about it.  | Ariana Grande via Instagram

Some of Grande’s fans hurled insults at the comedian, calling him ugly. Even worse, some allegedly called him names for dating the singer due to his mental illness, I Heart Radio, reports. One person tweeted that the relationship was a “match made in mess.” Another called Grande’s decision to date Davidson “trash” on Twitter.

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4. Davidson wasn’t going to remain silent

Pete Davidson poses in the press room during the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 27, 2017 in Inglewood, California.

He spoke up for himself. | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Davidson responded to the haters on his Instagram story, saying normally he would not comment but felt the need to explain. He said just because you have a mental illness, it doesn’t mean you can’t be in a happy relationship. He also said his illness does not make him toxic, and he is seeking help.

Stigmatizing people as being crazy and saying they can’t do things because of their illness is wrong, Davidson conveyed. He said he is aware of what he is dealing with and is being honest. He said he is not hiding behind Twitter or Instagram either.

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5. Davidson points out the stark reality of mental illness

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson on Saturday Night Live

Davidson told fans that his illness can’t prevent him from living a happy life.v| NBC

Davidson made sure readers knew he was writing this post for one main reason. He said anyone with a mental illness should know they aren’t trash or wrong for seeking a happy relationship. And if anyone tells you differently, they are wrong.

His last powerful statement reminded people that, “Mental illness is not a joke.” And it is a real thing. Kids are out there killing themselves, and it is horrific, he wrote. Davidson ended his post by saying to those who are struggling he loves them, he understands them and that it will be OK.

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6. Davidson’s diagnosis is still new

Davidson has since given up smoking pot. | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Davidson was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder in 2016 after battling addiction and depression, Rolling Stone reports.

After a stint in rehab, doctors initially thought Davidson had bipolar disorder. However, Davidson continued to smoke pot and take bipolar medication, which led to a deep downward spiral. Eventually, he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, stopped smoking pot, and is on a new medication.

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7. Could Davidson’s borderline personality disorder be triggered by this?

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande | Pete Davidson via Instagram

  • Davidson experienced serious trauma in childhood: His firefighter father died on 9/11 when he was only 8 years old, E! News reports.

Borderline personality disorder is when the individual has difficulty regulating his or her emotions, according to the National Alliance of Mental Illness. That means the individual may deal with prolonged intense emotions, which may be challenging to regulate back to normalcy after a traumatic event.

Some challenges people with borderline personality disorder face include “impulsivity, poor self-image, stormy relationships and intense emotional responses to stressors.” Effective treatment includes a combination of medication and psychotherapy.

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8. Fresh ink

Peter Davidson's new tattoo

Davidson’s tribute to Grande | London Reese via Instagram

Davidson has made his feelings for Grande quite clear. Not only have they announced their engagement, but he got something pretty permanent done to show his dedication. Tattoo artist London Reese took to Instagram to show off Davidson’s new ink, a clear tribute to Grande.

One tattoo was an image of the black bunny mask, the “No Tears Left to Cry” singer wore on the cover of her 2016 album, Dangerous Woman. Davidson also had Grande’s initials inked on his right thumb.

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9. This is where the couple went after announcing their engagement

The happy couple went to Disney after getting engaged. | Ariana Grande via Instagram

After only dating for a short time, Davidson and Grande announced they were engaged, according to People. The couple decided to celebrate with a trip to Disneyland, which was captured in several Instagram posts. Plus, Grande did plenty of posting, tweeting, “i love u sm hi & thank u i love u bye.”

A source revealed to People, “It’s a recent engagement. They’re just two people who found love quickly and make each other happy all the time. They both started talking about it this past weekend. It’s nothing they’ve been hiding.”

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Additional reporting by John Wolfe