Allison Mack’s Collateral to NXIVM Is Just 1 Revealing Look Into Her Life as a Sex Cult Recruiter

You probably never expected this Smallville actress to be involved in such a sinister operation. But now, Allison Mack is facing multiple charges for helping run a sex cult operation where women were allegedly branded, brainwashed, and used as slaves for their supreme leader, Keith Raniere.

As if that wasn’t shocking enough, Mack continues to defend the group’s operations. Here’s what she has to say about the NXIVM cult, including shocking details on what she had to give to be accepted (page 7). Also, don’t miss what Mack’s friends think of her now (page 8).

1. After 1 weekend workshop, Allison Mack was hooked on NXIVM

Allison Mack

Allison Mack | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

How does someone as seemingly innocent as Allison Mack get involved in cult activity? Fox News reports on Mack’s personality website, she wrote about her first experiences with a subsect of NXIVM, Jness.

She wrote that the group helped her deal with her inner conflicting feelings she had toward other women. “I took the leap and enrolled in a weekend workshop and within the first few hours I knew I had found my people. … I embrace so much more of myself now,” she continued.

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2. She says the group helped her ‘find her spine’ by going through difficult tasks

Actress Allison Mack leaves U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York after a bail hearing

Actress Allison Mack leaves U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York after a bail hearing | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Though there’s a group within the bigger organization called DOS, which is short for a Latin phrase that basically translates to “Master Over Slave Women,” Mack maintains NXIVM is a good thing. Mack explains DOS is all about “women coming together and pledging to one another a full-time commitment to become our most powerful and embodied selves,” Yahoo reports.

Not only that, but Mack credits DOS for making her courageous. “I found my spine, and I just kept solidifying my spine every time I would do something hard,” she said.

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3. Mack says it was even her idea to painfully brand members in her home

Actress Allison Mack Appears In Court Over Case Involving Alleged Sex Cult

Allison Mack appearing in court over NXIVM allegations. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Though Keith Raniere may have been the supreme leader of NXIVM, Mack had plenty of say of her own. In fact, she even claimed she came up with the idea of branding the women members in the first place.

In an interview with The New York Times, Mack admits suggesting “tattoos” for the women to show their commitment. Mack told interviewer Vanessa Grigoriadis, “I was like: ‘Ya’ll, a tattoo?’ People get drunk and tattooed on their ankle ‘BFF,’ or a tramp stamp. I have two tattoos and they mean nothing.” Instead of just another meaningless tattoo, however, Mack wanted this one to mean something.

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4. One woman explains what really happened during the tattoo ceremony

Branding on Sarah Edmondson

Branding on Sarah Edmondson | CBC News via YouTube

Former NXIVM member, Sarah Edmondson, told Vice she knew she’d have to get a tattoo to join. But she had no idea the “ceremony,” which took place in Mack’s house, would be so severe.

Edmondson explained her and four other girls each took turns getting branded. “It was horrific. It was like a bad horror movie. We even had these surgical masks on because the smell of flesh was so strong,” she said. As for the tattoo, it was a mix of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s initials.

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5. Mack says the women had to follow strict guidelines to please their masters

Keith Raniere of the NXIVM group

Keith Raniere of the NXIVM group | ABC News via YouTube

That branding was bad, but the cult-like tactics used to keep women in line were even worse. Mack explains that your “master” was the woman who invited you into NXIVM in the first place. This master was “your higher self, your most ideal,” Yahoo reports.

From here, a NXIVM master would ensure their “slaves” would count calories so they wouldn’t emotionally eat and gain weight. They also ordered slaves to perform “acts of care,” which some ex-members said were sexual favors for Raniere.

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6. Ex-member Edmondson says she had to hand over ‘collateral’ as blackmail for never leaving

Sarah Edmondson, former NXIVM member

Sarah Edmondson, former NXIVM member | ABC News via YouTube

In order to keep members of NXIVM quiet about was going on within the organization, they were ordered to give “collateral.” This could be a nude photograph or damning words against family members, for example. The leaders would threaten to release the collateral if you broke any promises you made to the group.

Edmondson told Vice she gave a nude photo and video testimonials “trash-talking all the important relationships” in her life. But compared to what some other women gave, hers was quite tame.

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7. You’ll never believe what Mack gave to the leader as her collateral

Actress Allison Mack (C) departs the United States Eastern District Court after a bail hearing

Actress Allison Mack (C) departs the United States Eastern District Court after a bail hearing. | Jemal Countess/Getty Images

According to The New York Times, the FBI states Mack was Raniere’s personal slave. And the collateral she gave in order to be a bigwig in the group was severe.

She allegedly provided a contract to Raniere stating her home would be transferred into his name if she broke her commitment to the group. Not only that, but it also stated that any of her future children she gave birth to would also be his. And Mack wrote a fake letter to social services claiming she abused her nephews, too, which could be sent by Raniere.

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8. Friends think Mack is completely brainwashed

Allison Mack

Allison Mack | Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Is Mack to the point of no return with NXIVM? Her friends seem to think so. Yahoo reports Mack’s friends think she’s still deeply cast under Raniere’s spell — and they even suspect she’ll take the fall for him by claiming DOS was her idea in the first place.

The New York Times reports Raniere still resists the idea he’s capable of brainwashing anyone, though. His girlfriends from the ’90s and 2000s think differently, however, as they said they also felt “entrapped.”

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9. Mack is charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy

Allison Mack walking away from court with her lawyers

Allison Mack walking away from court with her lawyers | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

So far, the charges against both Mack and Raniere aren’t light. The New York Times notes Mack was released on a $5 million bail, and that’s just the beginning of a long legal battle for her. Both her and Raniere were charged with sex trafficking and “conspiracy to commit sex trafficking and forced labor.”

Mack is ready to fight back against the charges, though. Her lawyers claim everything was consensual and that all women were making decisions completely for themselves. We’ll have to see what the jury thinks.

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