Amazing Instagram Weight-Loss Stories: Here’s How They Did It

Need a little motivation? You don’t have to look far for inspiring weight loss stories. In fact, they’re all over Instagram. And while no two journeys are ever the same, they all have one thing in common: The defining moments that led to  the decision to get healthy once and for all. These Instagram weight loss success stories are downright inspiring.

 Shandra Redwine, @losermentality

Shandra Redwine

Shandra Redwine weight loss transformation. | Shandra Redwine via Instagram

On the day that Shandra Redwine got married, she wore a size 22 wedding dress. Recently, she found the dress in her closet and couldn’t believe how far she’d come. Redwine credits her impressive 92 pound weight loss with a few things: Cutting out all processed food from her diet, slashing her calorie intake to 1,200 (at first), and lots of cardio. Clearly, it’s working.

Lexi and Danny, @fatgirlfedup and @discoveringdanny


Lexi weight loss transformation | Lexi via Instagram

On the first day Lexi walked into a gym, she committed herself to 30 minutes on the elliptical machine five times per week. She also learned to cook, cut calories, and cleaned up her diet. Best of all, she encouraged her husband, Danny, to join her on her journey to health.

In less than two years, the couple has lost a whopping combined 362 pounds. They look like entirely different people, and their story is inspiring.

Emma Pope, @popemma

Emma Pope

Emma Pope | Emma Pope via Instagram

Emma Pop, who weighed 319 pounds at her heaviest, credits Instagram itself for keeping her motivated. She documented her journey on her account, treating it almost as a weight loss diary. Pope’s four year weight loss journey included working out at least four times a week for an hour and a half, eating a healthy diet, and checking in regularly on Instagram.

Four years later, Pope weighs a healthy 175 pounds and has found a great balance between maintaining healthy habits and enjoying her life.

Sarah, @sarah_griff_fit

Sarah Griffin

Sarah Griffin weight loss transformation. | Sarah Griffin via Instagram

Sarah’s before and after photos say it all — this is someone who has dedicated her life to fitness and stuck with it. While she doesn’t specify how much weight she’s lost, it’s clear that she focuses more on weight lifting and body sculpting than she does the numbers on the scale. Sarah is also an Ambassador for Designer Protein and a personal trainer.

Jessica, @getfitwjessica


Jessica | Jessica via Instagram

In the last year and a half, Jessica has dropped about 170 pounds. Although she is an avid exerciser, she credits her success mainly to one thing: Portion control. She has 290,000 Instagram followers, and she loves to motivate them with small challenges and amazing before and after shots.

Tina, @rocktheshade


Tina weight loss transformation. | Tina via instagram

Tina has lost an Earth-shattering 350 pounds since she started her fitness journey in 2010. Her highest weight was 502 pounds, so needless to say, she had to start slowly. Tina deals with chronic pain and has had to have several surgeries to remove her excess skin, but she still exercises daily and eats plenty of produce to stay slim.

Morgan Osman, @farmwife_fitlife

Morgan Osman

Morgan Osman weight loss transformation. | Morgan Osman via Instagram

Morgan Osman just started her weight loss journey in January of 2017, and she has already lost 150 pounds. Her consistent photos of her progress mixed with motivational quotes and healthy recipes shows that she also uses her Instagram for accountability. Osman admits in her posts that she has struggled with a food addiction, but she now appears to eat big, healthy salads and chicken and veggies for her meals.

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