16 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

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Take the guess work out of finding an anniversary gift for him | iStock.com/monkeybusinessimages

Your mother never warned you about falling for a man who’s hard to shop for, but here you are. There’s a lot of pressure with anniversary gift ideas, and on the big ones, such as your fifth, 10th, or 25th anniversaries, you can’t get away with romantic gifts under $20. That’s why we compiled this list of the 16 best anniversary ideas for him, so you finally can give him the gift or memory that lasts as long as your relationship.

1. Sky Combat Ace: Fly your own stunt plane (from $349/flier)

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Skydiving is for tourists. Fly the plane with Sky Combat Ace | Sky Combat Ace

At Sky Combat Ace, you actually fly the plane. Under the supervision of a trained professional, you and your partner can go up in the clouds for one of four experiences: aeronautics, air combat, flight training, or combination. Living out his Top Gun fantasies is surely a gift he’ll remember forever. Sky Combat Ace locations are in Las Vegas and San Diego.

2. Beer of the Month Club subscription (from $27.95/month)

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Try a Beer of the Month club to introduce him to new beverages | iStock.com/BristolDen

You’re always trying to expose him to new things, so why not introduce him to new beers? The Beer of the Month Club delivers 12 12-ounce beers from two to four different breweries every month. You can even specialize with international beers, hop-head, or even the Rare Beer club.

3. Boudoir photo book (DIY)

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Give him a thrill with a boudoir photo book | My Bridal Pix

He wants to look at scantily clad women, and you want him to have eyes only for you. The obvious solution is to make him a boudoir photo book, one of the most traditional but no less effective anniversary gift ideas for him. These sexually charged but tasteful photos give him the thrill of dating the pin-up girl.

This boudoir photo book tutorial from My Bridal Pix explains everything a first-timer needs to know.

4. Engraved guitar pick (from $10)

Product photo for Engraved Guitar Pick

Combine your love for each other and music with an engraved guitar pick | CustomMusicGifts via Etsy

Is your partner a guitarist? Of course he is. That’s one of the reasons you’re with him. An engraved guitar pick is a great way to personalize your anniversary in a way that’s special to him. CustomMusicGifts offers picks in various materials and colors, so you can choose his preference.

5. Milktape: USB cassette mixtape ($14.99)

Product photo for Milktape: USB Cassette Mixtape

There’s no pencil winding necessary for this USB mixtape | Milktape

Few gifts are more romantic than the now-obsolete mixtape, but the Milktape revives that passion with a flare of nostalgia. Make him a digital playlist of all your songs on this retro-style USB stick. This is one of the best anniversary ideas for him if you’re a couple who met in the ’80s or ’90s. You can even decorate the front and back, just like in the good ol’ days.

6. Foreplay Connect (£12.99)

Product photo for Foreplay Connect

Make gaming more intimate with Foreplay Connect | GettingPersonal

Add a little gaming to your sex life (or some sex to your gaming life) with Foreplay Connect. This sexualized version of Connect Four involves activities, such as Ice Cubes & Sex, Lap Dance, and Blindfold & Tease. No matter who connects four first everybody wins. Foreplay Connect is only available in the U.K., but that doesn’t mean you can’t modify one of your own boardgames.

7. Engraved hammer (from $17.99)

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Hit the gifting nail on the head with an engraved hammer | CountryBarnBabe via Etsy

Personalized gifts are the best gifts. So when talking about anniversary ideas for him, they’re usually a safe bet. If you’re in a relationship with a handyman, this engraved hammer is the perfect way to commemorate the day with something he’ll actually use. CountryBarnBabe offers laser engraving on a standard 16-ounce wood claw hammer.

8. Race car driving experiences from Cloud 9 Living (varies)

Promotional photo for race car Driving Experience

Thrill him with a driving experience behind the wheel of an authentic race car | Cloud 9 Living

If your husband likes cars, chances are he likes driving fast. Cloud 9 Living, a website that specializes in giving real-life experiences as presents, offers a few different options for race car experiences, from ride-alongs to actually getting behind the wheel. Listed experiences are located in New York City, Chicago, Detroit, and Dallas.

9. Movado watch (from $595)

Promotional photo of Movado watches

Always make sure he’s on time for your dates with a Movado watch | Nordstrom

Although we can’t really explain it, women giving men watches is pretty much the equivalent of men giving women jewelry. The watch is one of the staple anniversary gifts for him, and these Movado watches are a good choice. They’re luxurious and respectable, as men’s watches should be. Most cost less than $1,000, so they won’t break the bank.

10. WeWood watches (from $130)

Various photos of WeWood Watches

The closer we get to living on Mars, the more of our modern technology gets redone in wood | WeWood

If conventional men’s watches are a little too bland for your man, or perhaps they’re out of your price range, try WeWood watches. Made with a wooden encasement, these watches feature a rustic aesthetic that appeals to both outdoorsmen and experimental trendsetters. Plus, naturalists will love the company policy: “You buy a watch; we plant a tree.”

11. Woodworking classes (varies)

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Let your husband explore his crafty side with woodworking classes | iStock.com/CarlosAndreSantos

Speaking of woodwork, if your partner fancies himself a craftsman, he’ll welcome the opportunity to improve his skills at a woodworking class. The subject, skill level, length, and price vary depending on location. You can easily sign him up for lessons and workshops in anything, including furniture-making, hand-carved detailing, or even working with less-common materials, such as metal or glass.

Take a look at this list of woodworking schools from Fine Wood Artists, with class opportunities all over the United States and even a handful in Canada and the U.K.

12. Personalized barware (from $4)

Product photo for Personalized Barware

Put his stamp of approval on a glass with Quality Glass Engraving personalized barware | Quality Glass Engraving

The personalized barware from Quality Glass Engraving goes above and beyond normal engraving companies. It features options to engrave emblems, such as sports teams, company logos, and school signatures, along with the usual monograms and text.

13. Let’s Get Naked: The Sexy Activity Book for Couples ($19.99)

Product photo for Let's Get Naked

Spend some quality time together with Let’s Get Naked: The Sexy Activity Book for Couples | Gifts.com

If you’re thinking about what to do on your anniversary, Let’s Get Naked: The Sexy Activity Book for Couples is full of raucous and adult-themed ways to pass the time. Despite the title, this book is surprisingly romantic, with sensual games and activities meant to draw you closer together as a couple.

14. Train vacation (varies)

Promotional photo for Train Vacations

Bring out the little boy who loves trains in your man with a train vacation | Vacations by Rail

We’ve included experiences in planes and cars. Now, here’s a listing for trains. Some men, such as Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, have an innate fascination with trains. For them the best anniversary gift would be a train vacation. The website Vacations by Rail lists the best train tours for the U.S., Canada, Europe, and more, including rides on vintage trains and sightseeing around some one-of-a-kind tourist spots.

15. Engraved pocket knife ($22.99)

Product photo for Engraved Pocket Knife

Turn your love into a weapon — just not metaphorically — with an engraved pocket knife | EverythingDecorated via Etsy

Although a sharp weapon might not seem like one of the most romantic anniversary gifts for him, an engraved pocket knife will warm the heart of a certain type of guy. This well-made pocket knife from EverythingDecorated comes with a laser-engraved message of your choice on a stainless steel blade with optional black finishing.

16. A night in a hotel room (DIY)

hotel door with a please do not disturb sign

Surprise him with a romantic night in a hotel | iStock.com/DragonImages

Last but not least, why not treat your man to a mysterious night in a hotel room? Part of the allure is the surprise, so be sure to handle the details yourself and unravel them piece by piece as the night unfolds. For inspiration, read Match.com’s How to Have a Romantic Night in a Hotel.