Are You Going to Die Soon? Here’s How You Can Tell

Death is inevitable — and it could happen dozens of ways. There’s a lot we can do to try to extend our lives, like eating right and avoiding harmful substances. But it would be nice to know how much time you have left. Your body and surroundings have a way of dropping subtle hints you may die soon. Here’s what to watch out for — and how to (maybe) grant yourself extra time.

Gnarly nails

Your fingernails can tell if you're healthy or not.

Look down at your nails. Do they look normal? | Jason Merritt/Getty Images for PSIFF

Your fingernails say a lot about how healthy you are (or aren’t). Abnormalities sometimes warn of serious, maybe even fatal disease. Dark streaks on your nails could be an early sign of skin cancer. Liver or heart disease often results in pale-looking nails. Take the health of your fingernails seriously, and voice any concerns with your doctor if they look out of the ordinary.

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