Are You Really in Good Shape? 15 Ways You Can Tell

Ever run (or walk, let’s be honest) up a flight of stairs and are so winded by the time you reach the top you reminisce on everything you’ve done to make you endure this kind of shame? You think, “Man, I am so out of shape.” Well, you’re probably right. Even if you work out consistently or pride yourself on eating healthy, there most likely is still room for improvement.

If you’re curious about how strong and fast you really are, we have some ideas as to how you can put yourself to the test. Here are 15 ways to tell if you’re really in shape.

1. You get two hours of moderate to vigorous exercise per week

A man who is in good shape

You should be getting 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. |

Well, yes, technically you are in shape. Switch up your workouts, challenge yourself, and set a limit of two hours of exercise or more per week. According to Mayo Clinic, you should get at least 150 minutes of moderate activity per week, which can include briskly walking or even mowing the lawn. For vigorous activity like running or higher-intensity aerobics, the recommendation is 75 minutes. Make sure to hit these guidelines at minimum, but for peak fitness, push for more vigorous activity when possible (just always remember to take rest days, too).

If you don’t exercise this much, not to worry — incorporating beneficial interval training is a perfect place to begin a fitness regimen.

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