‘The Bachelor’: A Scandalous Rundown of Every Girl Arie Luyendyk Has Dated Since ‘The Bachelorette’

Since 2002, The Bachelor has seen its share of scandalous relationships and messy breakups. This season, bachelor Arie Luyendyk tries his hand at finding love on national television. However, that comes with scrutiny — some of it from his exes. Here’s a long list of the next bachelor’s former romances. Hopefully, his newest endeavor ends better than these.

Season 16’s Courtney Robertson

Courtney Robertson posing with one hand on her hip.

Courtney Robertson has a penchant for bachelor hunks. | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Luyendyk and Robertson had a fling shortly after her engagement to Ben Flajnik ended. Robertson was Season 16’s winner. She detailed the fling in her 2014 memoir and told People that the two developed a fun, flirty friendship, and she is very protective of him. Despite the negativity surrounding his announcement as the upcoming bachelor, Robertson says the public will fall in love with him quickly.

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Season 17’s Selma Alameri

Selma Alameri poses in a white dress while holding flowers.

Selma Alameri also dated the star. | YouTube

Luyendyk has quite a history of dating stars from The Bachelor. He had a brief romance with Alameri not too long after his fling with Robertson ended. There was never too much detail about his relationship with Alameri. After the split, Luyendyk said he and Alameri had a spark but no real connection. “I just want to keep my relationships private in the future,” he told Us Weekly in 2013. That seems like an interesting comment for a guy who signed up to find love on national television.

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Sports reporter Jenna Jones

Jenna Jones kisses Luyendyk on the cheek.

He had a fling with this reporter. | YouTube

A racecar driver dating a sports reporter seems like a match made in heaven. However, for Luyendyk and Jones, it was only a brief romance. Luyendyk said he and Jones met in 2015 after a racing event, and things went so well that they moved in together shortly after. He posted photos of her on Instagram proclaiming his love; the two seemed to pair perfectly. Luyendyk did take his own advice and keep most of their relationship private, so it’s not confirmed when exactly they split — but we know they didn’t last long.

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The ‘mysterious’ relationship with Giustina Lee

Giustina Lee in the front seat of her car.

He was also linked to this beauty. | Eric B. via Instagram

Luyendyk’s relationship with Giustina didn’t make headlines the way his other romances did. They kept their relationship quiet, but Lee posted a collage on Twitter for Luyendyk’s birthday in September 2016, writing, “Happy birthday to one of my favorite humans. It’s been a long journey.” There’s no telling what really happened between these two, but Lee recently tweeted about being “embarrassed” of her former flame taking on the role of the next bachelor.

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The rocky relationship with Sydney Stempfley

Sydney Stempfley wearing necklaces and posing in front of a window.

He had a relationship with this woman. | Sydney Stempfley via Instagram

Well, not rocky at first. Luyendyk and Stempfley first met on Instagram, and when she got a job in Arizona, they met up and immediately hit it off. Stempfley recently opened up to ET about the relationship. She said they spent holidays with each other’s family and celebrated their one-year anniversary in July by going back to the restaurant where they first met. She also said he completely caught her off guard when he broke up with her over the phone in late July. Eventually, the couple talked it through in person, and called it quits. His swift breakup wasn’t the only surprise.

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He lied to Stempfley

Luyendyk and Sydney posing while dressed in racing gear.

She did the announcement from her. | Sydney Stempfley via Instagram

Stempfley said that she saw Luyendyk’s name “being tossed around on Twitter” about the upcoming season of The Bachelor, so she texted him. She asked if he would tell her if he got casted, and he told her he would tell her, but he had not been casted. He said he had never even been contacted about it. Sure enough, a month after the breakup, it leaked that he was the next bachelor. “… I’m sure you can imagine that I was completely blindsided,” she told ET.

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‘I mean, I would hope [he didn’t cheat]’

Luyendyk and Stempfley pose in front of a mountain/city view.

They seem to be in different places in the relationship. | Sydney Stempfley via Instagram

As far as Stempfley’s concerned, her relationship with Luyendyk was monogamous, but that is only her side of the story. When asked by ET about cheating, she said, “I’m not assuming anything … At least on my end, yes, the relationship was monogamous.” However, she didn’t sound totally convinced that Luyendyk could say the same for his end of the relationship. As far as Luyendyk’s new stint on The Bachelor, Stempfley told ET, “If this is what he wants, and if he’s determined for it to work, then I hope that it does for him.”

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His celebrity crush is Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

Kate Beckinsale is his celebrity crush. | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Luyendyk may have an open mind when it comes to finding love on The Bachelor, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have an ideal woman in mind. His celebrity crush is Kate Beckinsale, so if things don’t work out for him this season, maybe he can take his love life down the celebrity route.

After all, the 44-year-old actress recently dated a 21-year-old, so she wouldn’t mind Luyendyk being a bit younger than her.

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He pulls a Ben Higgins this season

Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. pulled a Ben Higgins-type move this season. | ABC

Remember when Luyendyk’s ex doubted his ability to make a decision on one lady? Luyendyk actually admitted to ABC News that he doesn’t just tell one woman he loves her during Season 22 — he says it to two. We’re getting major flashbacks to Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, but we’re still hoping that Luyendyk’s overuse of the L-word doesn’t work against him.

Here’s what Luyendyk had to say about the experience:

I told more than one person that I was in love and it made it hard for me. I think that I didn’t really expect that. I didn’t know that I had that capacity to love more than one person at a time and I think that’s something that some of the bachelors go through and it’s difficult. But I’m glad that I left myself open and got to experience that, for sure.

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The 1 thing he can’t stand? Women crying

A woman cries dramatically.

He gets antsy around the water works. | The Bachelorette via Giphy

Hopefully no ladies on The Bachelor who hope to date Arie get too emotional. Courtney Robertson, one of Arie’s exes and notorious past Bachelor winner, dished to Us Weekly about the one thing the self-proclaimed romantic can’t stand. According to her, he can’t handle when women cry.

Courtney says, “To keep the tears away, he’ll rely on affection.” To go along with this, she also noted he’s the best kisser she’s ever experienced. But on the other side of the coin, he also “doesn’t react well to being called out.”

Additional reporting by Chelsea Leary and Lauren Weiler.

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